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Financial advice-seekers
Scams averted!
The press
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Financial advice-seekers

“NerdWallet – I give you a standing ovation! This is by FAR the most informative, relatable, understandable, and all around helpful of any website or search I’ve done. Then I noticed you answer questions. WHAT?! Who does that these days – free. Thanks again!”


“I received solicitation of an offer that looked worth a chance, but instead, went to the internet to find if I could [do] better. Found you and got approved for a great deal. Thanks to you, I will transfer two balances, interest rates in the twenties, to 18 months of no interest!”

-Brenda (emailed)

“I recently completed the process of forming an LLC and came across your website and found a wealth of information. With the valuable information for small business credit cards, I was able to easily assess my business needs and apply for a credit card accordingly. Then I came across your other valuable tools, which I found to be terrific resources for critical decision-making. So Thank You to your team and for all the hard work you must put in to offer such a terrific website. And thanks to all of you for caring enough to make that difference and enjoy what you do.”

-Karen (emailed)

3 wks until my #RTW trip: Thanks to @nerdwallet for the BEST comparison of Credit Cards for International #Travel


Oh @nerdwallet, you are always there for us (when we need an awesome debate drinking game)


“Thank you so much for your help. Getting your email immediately made me feel not so alone on this. I was able to get my Little Sister a bank account with Wells Fargo, and am now trying to teach her the benefits of saving :)  All is good for now… but you never know with a teenager.  Thanks again for all your help.”

-S (emailed)

Scams averted!

“I’m really glad I came across this blog. I just received a card in the mail from approving me for a credit line of $500.00. Because I am so desperate to fix my credit report I almost went for the credit card! But after reading this blog I was saved in making one wrong mistake, thanks for the advice! There are just too many companies out there anymore trying to scam the unfortunate people.”

Terry Jane

“Just received the NetFirstPlatinum postcard in the mail. I was going on-line to apply and came across your blog. You are a life saver. Don’t need another headache. Keep up the good work informing people who are in a bad place in life from making their lives worse.”


“Thanks for the info. I just ripped up my app and threw it in the trash.”


“Like everyone else, I too received this little postcard and almost fell for it. Thank you so much for the heads-up. We certainly can’t afford to lose any money being a single-income family is EXTREMELY hard without getting ripped off too!!!”


“I kept coming across this card with the “Discover” logo for Matrix. So, me being me – looking a little further found out there is “Nerd Wallet.” Great job!!! Your Team will help a lot of troubled creditees / debtors. Thanks.”

A Broom

“I’m also very very happy that I came across this blog, I myself almost became a victim too. So many thanks for this post, God bless!”


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for saving me from the netfirst time bomb!…… i have decided to go with Orchard bank. or maybe capital one. again thank you for your help…i bet Netfirst really hate you guys LOL


Government and nonprofits

“We would like to thank Tim Chen (…for helping us clarify whether credit cards can be used for mortgage payments.”

Boston Federal Reserve

“NerdWallet allows you to compare among many plastic payment cards, such as credit cards and prepaid cards, so you can tell if they are right for you and the way you plan to use them.”

Consumer Action

“A leader in data transparency and financial literacy.”


The press

“If you’re thinking of using a prepaid debit card as a way of paying your child’s allowance, then fire up that Nerdwallet tool, and work out which one is cheapest.”

Felix Salmon, Reuters

“The best credit card isn’t the one your bank offers—it’s the one that pays back the most and costs the least. NerdWallet, a credit card search and filter app, pulls from over 600 cards to find the best candidate.”


“Small business must-read.”

Wall Street Journal