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Why are Texas cities the best for job seekers?

Jan. 30, 2013
Personal Finance
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Texan cities make up a whopping five out of the ten cities we featured as the best cities for job seekers, with Austin topping the list.

To what can we attribute the rapid growth of these major Texan cities?  We interviewed experts in economic development and Texan business for their input, and we found three main reasons that Texas is full of such high-growth cities.

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1. Texas has a pro-industry and pro-business environment

“Overall, the State of Texas is one of the most business-friendly states, with great partnerships between state and local economic development entities.  The State of Texas relies on local governments, which have created innovative economic development tools, making economic prosperity and job growth a policy focus in terms of tools, accountability and strategy.  Texan cities provide a business friendly climate, educated workforce, opportunity for growth and low cost of doing business; the factors that businesses consider when relocating or expanding.
Job growth can also be attributed to the continued success of the small business community in Texas.  Small businesses represent 97 percent of all employer firms in the State of Texas and include everything from innovative tech start-ups, engineering firms and construction companies.  Texan cities provide an environment conducive to the growth and development of these small businesses.  San Antonio, for example, in conjunction with Alamo Colleges, provides workforce development training to small businesses through its Business Empowerment Program; teaching small businesses the skills they need to prosper in today’s competitive markets across all industries.”

“There are tax incentives for business to move to Texas, a number of start up incubators, and no state income tax.  In addition, there is a highly educated work force with plenty of community colleges and major universities in the state.  The city has infrastructure to support business as well, including major freeways, railroads and an international airport.”

“We have offices in Texas and do a lot of business there. Many of our corporate clients have relocated to TX because the business environment is excellent.  We ourselves have reincorporated our business in Texas, moving it from California. Location-wise it makes no difference where our corporate offices are; but, business-wise, it makes a great deal of difference!

2. Texan cities are industry hubs, often specializing in niche industries

  • Wil Chinchilla, web marketing professional and former Houston resident

“Houston is a great town to develop a career. I would say Houston is huge in the energy/oil/petro markets, which attracts a lot of people. Even for myself as a creative/marketing professional, I’ve was able to find work easily because each job seemed to have ties to the energy markets as a main source of income. Even at an entry-level position at a major company, you would be well off because taxes are also very low in Texas. Mix that in with a huge city life, large college towns, and the ability to go to different cities if you’re mobile, Houston is a really cool hub.”

3. Texas has a low cost of living, yet offers big-city amenities

“From the mostly mild climate (yes, summers can be hot but winter high temperatures average in the mid-60s) to the diverse topography and myriad cultures, Texas offers something for everyone. Not to mention the fact that there is no state income tax. Home prices are generally low compared to other states and the cost of living generally suits everyone’s budget. From great colleges and universities to some of the best medical facilities in the country, from mountains to ocean to the Panhandle Plains to the Texas Hill Country filled with great wines, what’s not to like about Texas?”

The cost of living in Dallas is very low—a one bedroom apartment in a good area of
town with a low crime rate, near lots of restaurants, arts districts and
activities is $500- $600/month.  Plus you get the amenities of living in a major city, including a brand new performing arts center, strong arts community, an improving public transit system, a well developed highway system that is fast to commute and every major touring production/show/concert.