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Options trading is a great way to make money on the fluctuations of underlying assets because an option gives you the right, without the obligation, to buy or sell at a certain time and price. To determine which online brokers are optimized for options trading, NerdWallet took a look at the pros and cons of two specialized brokerage accounts offering options trading services: OptionsHouse and OptionsXpress.

Each of these online brokers offers great value with regards to the trading technology and investment tools, but we found that OptionsXpress (by Charles Schwab) is the best for its overall trade experience if you’re a beginner looking for sophisticated technology and research features.  For lowest rates, go with OptionsHouse.

Nonetheless, the other two have unique benefits outlined below that can also benefit specific groups of active options traders.

OptionsXpress, by Schwab: Best for beginners

Winner of many awards and a reputable online trading company, OptionsXpress is as unique as its name.  Run by brokerage giant Schwab, OptionsXpress offers great customer service 24/7 along with extensive trader education tools. There are also numerous educational events that are available for investors free of charge; OptionsXpress believes in educating its investors and this comes across in its extensive resources offered.

Sign up if: You’re looking to learn a lot to improve your trading skills.  Self-directed traders and casual options investors will like OptionsXpress for its easy to use platform.


  • OptionsXpress offers the best mobile trading experience, which is very important to some traders. NerdWallet rates them as the best in their ability to connect effectively in real-time with traders.
  • Outstanding as service-providers for their in-depth analytical approach and coverage of every detail.
  • Ease of operation for traders and investors.


  • They are on the costlier side for options trading, with high minimums.
  • The Xtend desktop platform is weak and the screeners don’t offer much to clients beyond basic trading abilities.
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OptionsHouse: Best for advanced and active traders

OptionsHouse has been around since 2005 and was initiated by PEAK6 Investments – it has gathered considerable reliability and support from its clients since then, now amongst the oldest in the market. Additionally, OptionsHouse has earned high praise in Barron’s recent edition of its “Review of Online Brokers.”

Sign up if: The experienced everyday investor will benefit the most from OptionsHouse’s low rates, some of the best in the business.  The ideal OptionsHouse trader is one looking to benefit from both discounted stock and options trading.


  • A comprehensive yet user-friendly platform with a variety of useful tools for options trading.
  • OptionsHouse offers some of the lowest prices in the business for options traders.
  • Stock trades are just $4.95 and there’s a variety of Promotion Codes are another attraction for the investors.


  • Its website can be difficult to navigate, and problems have been reported with its live chat and email support.
  • Most mutual funds need to be traded by phone, and the firm doesn’t offer futures or forex trading, is inconvenient for anyone looking to trade beyond options.
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