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Beat My Loan – Estimated Savings Disclosure | NerdWallet


Updated: Jan. 18, 2019

Your estimated savings amount (the amount of interest you’ll save over the life of a loan) is the difference between your student loan interest rate and interest rates from our loan partners. We estimate your interest rate by looking at your total monthly student loan balance and monthly payments as identified on your TransUnion credit report.

Your interest rate and total savings may vary. Your eligibility for any specific loan rates and terms depends on verification of information, your credit history, and other factors as determined by lenders. NerdWallet does not guarantee that you will be able to obtain the Estimated Savings or that any lender will extend you credit. Interest rates are subject to change daily without notice.

NerdWallet does not take student loan applications, originate, service, or make credit decisions in connection with loans, nor does it issue commitments or lock-in agreements. See your lender’s Terms for more information.