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11 Things Only People With Student Loans Will Understand

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11 Things Only People With Student Loans Will Understand

So you’re one of the millions of college grads with student loans. Welcome to the club.

1. You’ve felt the creeping terror of your grace period coming to an end.

2. You dream of winning the lottery so you can write a check for your entire loan balance.

3. Buying a house in the next few years? Bye, Felicia.

4. You get your first paycheck …

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5. … and want to cry when you realize half will go toward your loans.

6. Every time you read an email from your loan servicer, you go through the five stages of grief: Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.

7. You strongly believe that if Taylor Swift knew what you were going through, she’d help you pay off your loans.

8. You check your balance every few months and it’s gone down approximately $10.

9. You realize getting a private loan with an 11% interest rate was maybe not the best idea you’ve ever had.

10. Hmm, grad school. Just a few more loans wouldn’t hurt, right?

11. One day, you will know the freedom of a loan-free existence. And it will be glorious.

Seriously, though, let us help you deal with those loans.

If Taylor Swift doesn’t come to your rescue, check out how to pick the best student loan repayment option to get your loans under control.

Brianna McGurran is a staff writer at NerdWallet, a personal finance website. Email: Twitter: @briannamcscribe.


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