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Can I really trust a robot with my money?

A “robo-adviser” makes it easy to start investing. You don’t need a big balance, and you don’t have to be a stock-picking whiz. The robo builds and manages your portfolio based on your risk-tolerance and preferences. See if a robo-advisor is right for you.


Are there better ways to save than a savings account?

You can get a better return than you would at a brick-and-mortar bank without too much extra effort. Cash management accounts, CDs, online institutions and other options pay higher interest than the paltry rates of basic savings accounts. Explore five alternatives.


Can I get a personal loan for cash to tide me over? 

Consumers with good to excellent credit have the most options for no-collateral loans. Lenders include traditional banks and credit unions but also online companies that specialize in personal loans. Explore your choices here.

Where to Get a Personal Loan


Is now a good time to invest?

If you want to build wealth or retire someday, then, yes, you should have money in the market. That’s true even when retirement seems impossibly far off and even when the market is down. Here’s how to get into the market, and how to protect your investments in uncertain times.


Should I refinance my house? 

You could save hundreds of dollars a month by moving to a mortgage with a lower interest rate. Run the numbers through our home refinance calculator to see how much you could save if your credit score, income and other finances qualify you for a new loan. Learn more about refinancing here.


Do twins mean twice the insurance?

How much life insurance you need varies from one person to the next. The key question is: What will be required to take care of your loved ones if the unthinkable happens? Having two kids rather than one won’t double all the costs, but it does affect many of them, including college. Calculate how much you’ll need. 

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Credit reports and scores

How can I get my credit score to go up?

Paying your bills on time and using credit responsibly are key to building and maintaining strong credit in the long term. Looking for a quick boost? Check your report for errors and follow our other tips. Here are ways to improve credit fast.

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Can my credit cards help me get through a crisis?

The point of building credit is to have it when you need it. Credit cards aren’t a permanent replacement for lost income, but in the short term they can be an accessible way to ride out the storm while keeping costs low. Learn how.

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Medical bills

Can I afford to do this?

In a perfect world, cost wouldn’t be a factor in decisions you make about your health. In our world, though, medical debt is a dreadful reality. First, don’t take your bill at face value: Costs are negotiable. Then understand the resources available beyond insurance. Here’s a place to start.

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Going to College: Can I Afford to Do This?

Paying for college

Can I afford not to?

Education supercharges your earning potential. The trick is getting past the big sticker price for college, which very few people pay. Most students put together the money for their education with a combination of sources. Here’s a quick course in making it work.

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CREdit Cards

Are there credit card perks for pizza?

Any card that offers rewards for restaurant spending will usually give you the same rewards for delivery and carryout as for dining out. Some cards come with built-in benefits for food delivery services.

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