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Technically Savvy High Growth Associate’s Degree Jobs

Ultrasound Photo from Shutterstock

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Median Salary:  $64,380
Projected Growth Rate: 44%
Jobs Projected in 2020:  77,100

What they do:

Perhaps you’ve heard of the ultrasound?  Women who are pregnant can have an ultrasound performed on them, where a machine will generate an image of their stomach so they can visually see the baby.  Well, it turns out the person doing it is a sonographer!  A diagnostic medical sonographer uses imaging equipment to send sound waves into the patient’s bodies to form images.  It isn’t jus the stomach either—it can be the patient’s heart, throat—almost any part of the body.  These images usually help doctors better diagnose patients.


Equipment Repair Photo from Shutterstock

Medical Equipment Repairers
Median Salary:  $44,490
Projected Growth Rate:  31%
Jobs Projected 2020: 49,800

What they do:

Are you a natural at problem solving, trouble shooting and critical thinking?  Do you like to tinker with machines—enjoy using tools to take things apart and put them back together?  Well this could be your calling.  Medical Equipment Repairers typically work for medical machine manufacturers and travel to hospitals or doctor’s offices to fix machines when errors are reported.  Travel is a major component of this job, along with mild stress due to pressure to complete repairs in a timely manner.


Xray Photo from Shutterstock

Radiologic Technologists
Median Salary: $54,340
Projected Growth Rate: 28%
Jobs Projected 2020:  280,900

What they do:

Radiologic Technologists are nicknamed “X-ray Techs”.  X-rays!  We’ve heard of them—from tv, comic books (x-ray vision anyone?) or had one done on ourselves.  But for a refresher—machines project x-rays onto the patient to produce images of the bone structure.  X-ray techs master the  machines that take X-rays and help produce X-ray images so doctors can best diagnose patients.   Most X-ray techs will work in hospitals where x-ray images are always needed.



Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians and Vascular Technologists
Median Salary: $49,410
Projected Growth Rate: 29%
Jobs Projected 2020:  63,900

What they do:

This job is not for the faint of heart (pardon the pun!).  Cardiovascular Techs prepare and maintain the heart imaging equipment, analyze images and work closely with physicians.  However, they also help physicians during surgeries and are often expected to insert tubes and catheters into the patient!  So, if you likemachines, but are afraid of blood—this might not be for you.  Cardiovascular Techs are also in close contact with patients and may be expected to take their medical history by asking them questions.