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NerdWallet handles over 5 million searches a year for discounted gas and money-saving products. Our visitors come from all walks of life, and are broadly spread across the United States.

Getting your gas station or convenience store listed in our search results will get you prime real estate in these searches, and will always be free of charge for station owners choosing to participate before the end of 2011.

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Find Happy Customers, Boost Your Traffic

Do you have better prices than your local competitors? Do you offer loyalty rewards to your best customers, or debit card rebates on gas purchases? These are all things that can increase repeat visits from your customers, boosting loyalty and boosting foot traffic to your stores.

Promote Your Loyalty Cards and Debit Rewards

Rewards are a great way to turn your customers into repeat business, especially if they involve discounts on gas. By getting listed in our search results, your card will be featured as well.

Stand Out in Search Results

Your logo will also be prominently displayed on our map, differentiating your business from other gas stations in the area.

Spread Your Message

Do you offer a level of service that no one else can beat?  Do you have special deals you want to advertise?  Do you have a website you’d like to spotlight?  Put it all right there in your search results.

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