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Crypto-Earning Credit Cards and Short-Term Investing

Credit cards are hopping aboard the crypto hype train, with some offering rewards in cryptocurrency. Sean, Liz and Sara discuss what they are and their risks. Then Sean and Liz answer a listener’s question about how to approach short-term investing. Read more…

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Buy Now, Pay Later Loans and Getting Started Building Wealth

You’ve probably seen the offers when shopping online: Break up your purchase into smaller payments over a few weeks or months. But are buy now, pay later loans a good deal? And what’s the catch? Sean and Liz break it down. Then they answer a listener’s question about how to get started building wealth. Read more…

Big Purchases and Overcoming Money Guilt

On this episode, Liz starts off by talking with credit card Nerd Sara Rathner about how to manage a big expense on a credit card — including how to earn the most points and avoid paying interest. Then Sean joins Liz to answer a listener’s question about overcoming money guilt. Read more…

Free Health Insurance and Finding Scholarships

Sean and Liz explain a provision in the American Rescue Plan that qualifies millions of Americans for free or lower cost health insurance. Then they answer a listener’s questions about finding and applying for scholarships to reduce the cost of higher education. Read more…

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