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Travel Tips, and Finding the Right Financial Advisors

Traveling during the holidays can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to be. To kick off this episode, Sean and Liz talk about recent trends in holiday travel. They also discuss how they’re approaching holiday travel and how to get back in the swing if you’re a little rusty.

Then they answer a listener’s money question about how to find the right financial advisors for their needs. Seeking qualified experts is only one part of the puzzle — you should also search for financial advisors who put your interests first. Read more…

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Holiday Shopping Trends, and Self-Employed Retirement Options

What’s your plan for holiday shopping this year? To kick off this episode, Sean and Liz talk about NerdWallet’s latest holiday shopping report, which explores how shoppers are navigating — and paying for — this unusual holiday season. They also discuss how they’re approaching shopping this year.

Then they answer a listener’s question about retirement account options for self-employed workers. While these workers have a number of options to explore, the choice that is best for them may depend on how many employees they have. Read more…

The Benefits of Being Boring with Your Money, and Why to Make a Will ASAP

Your money doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. To start off this episode, Liz Weston and occasional co-host Sara Rathner discuss the benefits of being boring with your finances.

Then, Liz and co-host Sean Pyles answer a listener’s question about whether to make a will, including why setting it up isn’t as complicated — or time consuming — as you might think. Read more…

3 Crypto Questions, and Improving Credit to Buy a House

With crypto back in the news, you might be tempted to climb aboard the hype train. To start this episode, Liz and Sean talk through 3 questions you should ask yourself before jumping into the world of crypto.

Then, Sean and Liz answer a listener’s question about how to improve their credit with the goal of buying a house, including whether a balance transfer credit card would help.
Read more…

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