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What the Fed News Means for You, and Choosing a New Bank

The Fed has been in the news a lot lately, raising interest rates and causing recession fears. But what, exactly, do the interest rate hikes mean for various parts of your finances, like your savings and credit cards? We give you the rundown to start off this episode.

Then we answer a listener’s money question about how to choose a new bank — including how to find one that fits your family’s needs. Read more

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Beating Money Procrastination, and When to Unfreeze Credit

Sometimes checking things off your financial to-do list can be a real slog. If you find yourself procrastinating, know that you have plenty of company.

To start off this episode, Sean and Liz talk about how to overcome money procrastination. Then they answer a few recent listener questions about student debt cancellation. And in this episode’s money question segment, they talk about when to unfreeze your credit. Read more

Fall Money Tasks, and Saving Enough to Retire

As we head into fall, is your money where you want it to be? To start off this episode, Sean and Liz give you a few easy money tasks so you can end the year right.

Then they answer a listener’s money question about how to save enough money to retire — including when to start spending what you’ve saved up. Read more

Live From Las Vegas!

The smart way to lose your money gambling, whether now is a good time to invest and how to manage a big financial gift. In the first-ever live episode of the podcast — recorded at a NerdWallet conference in Las Vegas this summer — Sean and Sara cover these topics and more. Read more

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