Apple Releases Cheaper iMac, New MacBook Pro

Apple Releases Cheaper iMac, New MacBook Pro

If you’ve been eyeing an iMac but flinching at the price, Apple’s desktop computer just got a little more accessible.

Apple on Tuesday released a new 27-inch iMac Retina which will sell for $1,999, a full $500 less than the previous entry point for its big-screen desktop model.

To cut corners, the cheaper iMac will pack a standard 1TB drive, instead of Apple’s top-end Fusion drive. The most feature-loaded version of the 27-inch is now $2,299.

Apple appears to be using this version to replace the top-of-the line 27-inch iMac that doesn’t have the company’s high-definition Retina display. It’s safe to guess the company will be phasing out those standard-definition displays as time goes on.

Apple says the iMac’s Retina configuration has 67% more pixels than a standard 4K display.

The company also announced an update to its 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops. Now, they’ll be available with the Force Touch trackpad.

Force Touch, which was introduced with the Apple Watch, uses tiny electrodes to detect the difference between a brief tap and a longer touch, performing different actions for each. Apple had already added Force Touch to its new 13-inch MacBook Pros and its MacBook line.

Apple says the new version also will have an additional hour of battery life and faster storage. The high-end model also will have 80% faster graphics thanks to a new graphics processor.

Unlike the iMac, the new MacBook Pro will be more expensive than its predecessor. Its two new configurations cost $1,999 and $2,499, up from $1,899 and $2,399.

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Image courtesy of Apple.