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Where to Find the Best Black Friday PS4 Deals

Nov. 13, 2013
Black Friday, Shopping
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Faster processors. Touch-pad controller. New lineup of games such as “inFAMOUS Second Son” and “Call of Duty: Ghosts.” The specs of the next generation of PlayStation console are enough to make any gamer hyped and eager to buy it.

The PlayStation 4 hits the shelves November 15 in the United States – nearly seven years to the date of the release of its predecessor, the PS3 – but that’s too long a wait for many. According to a report by Sony executive Andrew House, more than 1 million PS4 units were pre-ordered worldwide by August.

The PS4 base unit comes with a 500-gigabyte hard drive, one controller and a headset for in-game chatting, plus the standard console equipment. The introductory price in the United States is $399.99, a pretty penny to pay for entertainment. But PS4 retailers have something up their sleeves to continue to attract customers: Black Friday.

Black Friday sales start at midnight November 29 and if you’re looking to work off a few calories the day after Thanksgiving, then hit the stores and check out these PS4 offers!


A leaked Black Friday flyer indicates GameStop likely will sell the base PS4 for $399.99. There is nothing surprising here. But the gaming retailer has sweetened the deal by offering a Black Friday-only special on a one-year PlayStation Plus membership for $29.99, a $20 discount.

The PlayStation Network provides online, multiplayer gaming and downloadable content. PlayStation Plus is the premier part of the network. New Plus members receive 18 free games on signup and get access to a new free game every month. The Plus membership also works on the PS3 and the handheld PS Vita.

The $20 Plus discount could go a long way toward the purchase of a PS4 game, which GameStop appears to be selling for about $59.99.

Best Buy

The electronics superstore is offering the base model for $399.99 as well. For $499.97, gamers can pick up a bundle that includes the game “Killzone: Shadow Fall” and a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership. The bundle has a $10 savings, since the Killzone game separately costs $59.99.

Customers who purchased the PS4 on the Best Buy website do not have to stand in the Black Friday line to pick up the console, according to the retailer’s online forum. The company will give online customers up to eight days to pick up their purchase.

Best Buy expects a massive push from Black Friday shoppers for the PS4, so the company is issuing tickets on a first-come, first-served basis for available consoles. Tickets will be issued up to two hours before doors open; customers will be limited to one console.

A hitch in Best Buy’s Black Friday giddy-up is that the PS4 will not be available at every Best Buy store. Visit the company’s website,, to find a participating store nearest you.


Walmart, the king of retailers, does not have much in the way of a PS4 Black Friday deal. The chain is offering the base console without frills for the standard $399, a mere discount of 99 cents. No bundles are advertised.


If its 2013 Toy Catalog is any hint, Target may not have a PS4 Black Friday special. The catalog lists the console at $399.99, with the PlayStation Plus membership at the standard price of $49.99. No bundle is offered. Target is currently running a buy 2, get 1 free deal on select PS4 games when they become available.


For those who need a last resort, eBay has PS4 units available, but these come at a much higher price: most being more than more than $500.


With Black Friday three weeks away and details of sales plans still hazy, it’s difficult to say which retailer will have the best PS4 deal for shoppers brave enough to tackle long lines and determined mothers. However, based on this early glance, it seems GameStop may have the upper hand. It may not be offering a Best Buy-type bundle, but it does offer a significant discount on the PlayStation Plus membership. GameStop customers can create their own bundle, taking into consideration $59.99 per game, for a total of $489.97 (console + one game + PS Plus membership)–$10 less than the Best Buy package.

There is one downside: Regardless of where one shops, a PS4 owner who does not want to game alone should expect to spend another $59.99 for an extra controller. When getting that extra component, stay safe this Black Friday. And don’t let anything stop you from the excitement and the rush over the new generation of gaming!

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