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Smells Like…: 10 Handmade Deliciously Scented Candles For Any Occasion

Jan. 10, 2014
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Candles have been around for centuries and have evolved into more than just a tool of light. From home decor to presents, candles have been experimented with to produce appealing and unique ones for any occasion. With the countless varieties of scents and designs, candles have continue to become a popular go-to item for refreshing a home or used as a gift. Although there are many manufactured candles in the market today, why not expand your candle collection to handmade candles by indie artisans? Our scented candle guide presents a wide array of fantastic candles made with unconventional designs and infused with delightful scents. Whether you’re an athlete or a daydreamer, you can find the perfect candle for you in our list or even present one of these candles as a great present to a loved one.

Set Of 3 Scented Soy Candles

by Opal And Wonder

Sample Opal And Wonder’s scented soy candles with this set! With three sample soy candles, you get to choose what combo scent pack you want, such as the Feminine Pack or Namaste Pack. You can also create your own custom pack with this listing and pick the scents from the other packs you would like. Made with soy wax and poured into reusable jars, this set of three scented soy candles is not only scented with wonderful aromas, but also eco-friendly.

Pride & Prejudice Inspired Earl Grey & Lavender Scented Soy Candle

by Pen And Candle

Love literature and candles? Then indulge in Pen And Candle’s Pride And Prejudice quote candle! Scented with Earl Grey and lavender, this mild and relaxing fragrant candle will be good company while you read. With the quote “It is a truth universally acknowledged” from the famed Jane Austen novel, Pride And Prejudice, this 6-ounce candle is a tribute to this popular read. Find other Jane Austen novel inspired candles and other items in Pen And Candle’s shop!

Orange & Chili Pepper Scented Soy Candle

by Plain J Body & Home

Spice up your home with Plain J Body & Home’s orange and chili pepper scented soy candle! With the fusion of an energetic citrus scent and a bold chili pepper aroma, this candle add a sharp background scent in any room. This candle comes in a 4-ounce tin, perfect for traveling or gift giving.

Red Velvet Cake Scented Mason Jar Candle

by Still Water Candles

Give your home the scent of freshly baked goods with Still Water Candles’ red velvet cake scented candle! Poured into a mason jar, this vibrant candle makes for a shabby chic home decor as well as a delectable, scented addition to your home or office. With the fusion scents of dark chocolate, strawberry syrup, cocoa powder, buttermilk, sugar cane, sandalwood and vanilla, this fully loaded candle packs a sweet punch every time you light it up. Find more country chic mason jar candles in Still Water Candles’ shop.

Bubble Gum Scented Soy Candle Tin

by Carrie’s Curiosities

Feel like a kid again with Carrie’s Curiosities’ fun, pink, bubblegum-scented soy candle! With a decorative, sparkling tin, this candle is perfect as a dorm room decoration or for your little princess’ bedroom. Red and white sprinkles along with sparkling, silver glitter is dusted on top of this candle for an extra girlish touch. This candle also makes a fantastic Valentine’s Day present!

Pineapple Scented Sea Shell Candle

by Beach Weddings By Bree

Add a beach-y, fruity touch to your home with Beach Weddings By Bree’s sea shell candle! This authentic conch shell is filled with scented candle wax made of pineapple, peach and melon fragrances, reminding you of wonderful sunny island sceneries. This candle, along with the many other sea shell candles in Beach Weddings By Bree’s shop, make great holiday beach home decorations or beach wedding decorations.

Honeydew Melon Scented Candle

by Friendly Fire Candles

Indulge in this summer fruit scented candle from Friendly Fire Candles year round! With a honeydew melon scent, this candle provides a refreshing, mildly sweet aroma that roams through your home or office space. The candle is poured into a sturdy travel tin and wrapped in a simple yet elegant bow that matches the color of honeydew, befitting for this melon scented candle. You can also find soy candle tarts in the same honeydew melon scent of this candle.

 Toasted Marshmallow Scented Soy Candle

by The Flying Farm

No need to roast marshmallows when you can savor The Flying Farm’s toasted marshmallow scented candle! Made with zero dyes and with natural soy wax, this scrumptious candle is eco-friendly. Perfect for Girl Scouts’ presents, birthday gifts and more, this candle is a wonderful reminder of childhood memories filled with campfires and roasting marshmallows. This candle is in a medium glass jar and is available in other sizes as well to accommodate your needs.

Banana Bread Scented Soy Candle Travel Tin

by PurBliss

With PurBliss’ banana bread scented coy candle burning in your home, let’s hope monkeys won’t be coming expecting a snack! This unique banana bread scented candle comes in a handy travel tin, perfectly sized for stocking stuffers or taking with you on your travels. You can burn this candle in your home before house guests come over and give them the impression that a homemade banana bread is baking in the oven.

 Lychee Scented Soy Candle

by Small Gunns

Give any space the scent of a sweet fruit with Small Gunns’ soy candle! Named “Monsoon Disco,” this candle is a fun, modern and decorative element that holds the fragrance of lychee and the tree the lychee fruit grows on, making this candle earthy and luscious at the same time. The candle wax is poured into a whiskey shot glass and has the name of the candle printed on the glass in capitalized, bold letters, perfect for simple and elegant home decor.

From the fragrances to the colors, candles have their own appeal that make them worthy additions to any home. Not only are candles for decorative purposes, but they’re also used as aromatherapy tools to help soothe tiredness and even sickness. If you’re looking for a way to relax, indulge in a few, varied scented candles and find your special aromatherapy.

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Written by Emily Nguyen, a core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.