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NerdWallet’s 2013 Black Friday ad scan analysis is so on-point, you won’t want to drive to your favorite stores without it. Be sure to regularly check for our ad leak updates, as we’ll be posting the latest scoop as it becomes available!

Pep Boys Black Friday 2013

Car problems don’t just end because the holiday season begins. In fact, if you’ve been postponing tuning up your car, the Pep Boys Black Friday 2013 sale might be the best opportunity to finally have it checked out. Many automotive supply stores offer Black Friday deals on car maintenance or repairs that are definitely worth taking advantage of. While you’re waiting for the tune-up, you can pick up Pep Boys’ best selection of tools and products on sale to keep your car running smoothly until next New Year’s.

For a peek at Pep Boys’ 2013 Black Friday ad or for a summary of this year’s best deals, read on!

Pep Boys Black Friday Ad Scan



Pep Boys Best Black Friday Deals 2013

Pep Boys best Black Friday deals for 2013 include:

  • Bosch Automotive Battery: $30.00 off + free installation
  • FRAM Air Filters: 25% off
  • MX350 Electric Dirt Bike or Razor Betty Scooter: $219 ($199 After Mail-In Rebate; Reg. $279.99)
  • 10’x20′ Auto Shelter: $199 ($169 After Mail-In Rebate; Reg. $269.99)
  • JVC Party Pack: $79 (Reg. $119.99)
  • 1.5-Ton Aluminum Jack or 24v Cordless Impact Wrench: $89 ($69 After Mail-In Rebate; Regularly $129.99)
While Pep Boys’ ad certainly has many more deals to offer, their prep fees and multiple mail-in rebates make their deals less significant or appealing. With so much to do during the holidays, most folks don’t have time to remember mail-in rebates and prep fees can cut into any advertised deal prices. That said, you can still get snag great deals if you make your mail-in rebates a priority.
Pep Boys is also offering a buy 3 installed tires, get the fourth tire free sale on an assortment of different tire brands. In addition, the ad contains coupons for $20.00 off a 1 year deluxe wheel alignment, $30.00 off of any brake service, 50% off of installation of shocks and struts, and 20% off of Monroe shocks and struts.

Best Pep Boys Black Friday Deals from 2012

Last year, Pep Boys’ crammed a lot of deals into their 4-page Black Friday ad scan. At first glance there appeared to be several amazing deals, but upon closer inspection many of the great prices only applied after mail-in rebates. This was disappointing for two reasons: 1.) Mailing in a rebate is just another annoying task to add to the already packed holiday season to-do list, and 2.) Pep Boys only offered rebates in the form of pre-paid debit cards.

The Pep Boys Visa prepaid debit card was a bigger disappointment than having to remember to send in the rebates. After all, a simple Google calendar reminder can help with the latter. The Pep Boys Visa was particularly disappointing because prepaid cards are notorious for their hidden fees. An additional pain was the fact that you couldn’t avoid the fees by cashing in the money loaded on the card. Despite the fact that Visa cards are commonly accepted, it would have been better to just have the cold, hard cash at your disposal.

So, without further ado, here are the best deals from Nov. 23rd– Nov. 25th, 2012 (the deals after mail-in rebates are marked with asterisks):

  • $3 Duramax 13-pc. wrench set*
  • $10 Great Neck 85-pc. socket set*
  • Free Champion platinum spark plugs (limit 16)*
  • Free Prestone Fuel Injector Cleaner w/purchase of $8 Prestone 50/50 antifreeze
  • Buy 3 installed tires, get the 4th for 1$
  • $8 Penzoil motor oil and Purolator Classic oil filter*
  • $99 choice of Razor E90 (reg. $129.99) OR E100 Wildstyle scooter (reg. $149.99)*
  • $149.99 Shelterlogic 10’x20’ auto shelter (reg. 269.99)*
  • $199 choice between Razor electric dirt bike (reg. $279.99), Betty Scooter (reg. $279.99), or Pocket Rocket (reg. $249.99)*
  • $299 3500-Watt generator (reg. $399.99)*

There are a few coupons and deals from 2012 worth addressing individually. Two exceptional deals only applied to Friday. The first deal was $5 for Mobil synthetic motor oil without a mail-in rebate requirement. The second deal was for $10.99 for All Prostop brake pads. The two coupons, which had to be physically brought in, were:

  • Choice of 50% off installation of shocks and struts OR 20% off of Monroe shocks and struts
  • 20% off of any wheel alignment

Ultimately, the customer must decide whether the deals are worth the hassle. It might be easier to look elsewhere for deals of equal or lesser value, sans rebates.

For a more in-depth look at NerdWallet’s 2012 assessment of Pep Boys’ Black Friday ad scan, click here. For more great deals, be sure to check out our Home Depot and Lowe’s 2013 ad scans!

Pep Boys Black Friday Store Hours

Pep Boys will be closed on Thanksgiving, but they’ll have  Black Friday sales from Friday until Sunday. Tune in for specific store hours, and be sure to check out our Black Friday Store Hours page for updates from other stores as well!

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