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What to Buy Before Black Friday 2016

Oct. 26, 2016
Black Friday, Shopping
What to Buy Before Black Friday 2016
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For savvy bargain hunters, fall is just one long countdown to Black Friday. You might think that putting off all your purchases until the day after Thanksgiving will save you money, but when it comes to some items, pre- and post-holiday price cuts aren’t created equal.

If you’re looking for a gigantic LED HDTV, hold out for Black Friday. But if you wait until late November to make some purchases, you might actually end up spending more.

Here’s our guide to the best deals available now through mid-November:

Get a head start on next year’s garden

It might seem counterintuitive to buy plants while the green in your yard is fading, but fall sees ongoing sales on bulbs, shrubs and trees. Autumn is the best time to plant that Japanese maple or hydrangea you’ve been eyeing because fall rains and cool temperatures promote root growth, as long as you plant before the first frost.

Buy outdoor gear as you head indoors

Only the hardiest souls will go camping during winter, but tents, grills and other outdoor gear get hefty markdowns after summer ends. You might not use that camp stove in December, but you’ll have one ready when camping season starts next year.

And while you’re buying shrubbery for the yard, you might as well pick up some patio furniture, which also goes on sale in the fall.

Look past back to school

Jeans sales start rolling during back-to-school time, but once everyone’s in the classroom, retailers need to rid themselves of the leftovers. So pick up those spendy skinnies you’ve been eyeing.

Stores also need to unload their stocks of sneakers. You might be able to snag a deal on a new pair of track shoes or slip-ons to complement your new pants.

Get away from it all

Is your inbox filled with offers for incredibly cheap flights? No wonder. This is considered the prime time of year to book early winter travel. Travel site Skyscanner estimates that you’ll save an average of 6.41% if you book your Christmas flight during the week of Nov. 21. And you’ll save an average of 10.57% if you book your New Year’s getaway the week of Dec. 5.

Replace appliances

If you’ve been making do with only three of four working burners or if your refrigerator isn’t chilling things enough, autumn is one of the best times to buy last year’s model at a greatly reduced price — just in time to roast that turkey.

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