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It’s Playtime! 10 Fun and Imaginative Handmade Toys by Indie Crafters

Dec. 3, 2013
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Children always go ga-ga over colorful, animated toys; they’re the most popular items to give on Christmas, birthdays and other holidays! But, instead of giving your kids, nephews, nieces or other munchkin-sized family members store-bought toys that many kids will have, why not present them with handmade and one-of-a-kind toys from independent artisans and crafters? Not only are these handmade toys crafted with uniqueness, but they’re also made with materials that aren’t harmful to play with, unlike toxic, plastic-made toys. Whether you’re a parent or an aunt/uncle, give the precious children in your life handmade toys that will bring them more joy and mental stimulation than regular ones. Check out our other Etsy indie coupons here.

Prince and Princess Peg People

by Landon’s Toy Box

Instead of regular, plastic dolls and action figures, enjoy Landon’s Toy Box’s prince and princess peg people set! Crafted with wood and hand-painted with non-toxic paint for a glossy finish, these royal peg people are sure to make grand toys and displays in your child’s room. You can customize the hair and eye color and two dress colors for this peg people set for a personalized toy for your dear little ones.

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Giomia Monster Plush

by Lu & Ed

Monsters don’t have to hide in your child’s closet, under the bed or be scary. With Lu & Ed’s monster plus, Giomia, this friendly monster can be a snuggly and fun pal for your kid! Crafted with upcycled fleece, felt and faux fur, Giomia promotes eco-friendly, non-toxic and healthy fun to all children.

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Little Wader Baby and Sun Shader Octopus Plush Set with Sunhats

by So Fabulous Kids

Having a newborn soon or know a mother-to-be? So Fabulous Kids presents an adorable octopus plush set to help decorate any newborn’s nursery! Meet Little Wader and Sun Shader, two octopus pals for your newborn. With a colorful and dainty sunhat included, your newborn can have a trendy accessory along with fun plush buddies. Find other great toys for babies and young children on So Fabulous Kids’ website!

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Roxanne Lion Toy

by Kiser Krafts

Let your kids rock out with Kiser Krafts’ Roxanne Lion! Roxanne Lion is made with wild, colorful hair and long limbs, and she makes a wonderful, fun friend for your kids. Crafted with a sock and filled with fabric scraps and fiberfill, Roxanne Lion becomes a cuddly friend as well when your kids need someone to stay with them during the night!

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Personalized Wooden Toy Bowling Set

by Hill Country Woodcraft

Your kids can bowl any time, thanks to Hill Country Woodcraft’s personalized wooden bowling set! Eco-friendly and educational, this bowling set is made with wood and hand-painted and teaches your kids hand-eye coordination and more. You can personalize this bowling set with your child’s name for a special present to him or her. Discover other imaginative toys in Hill Country Woodcraft’s shop!

Painted Wooden Blocks

by Tiny Golden Arrows

Let your children’s imagination be free and flow with Tiny Golden Arrows’ painted wooden blocks set! With six blocks in this set, each is painted with a unique color on half of each block in a diagonal fashion. This also makes for a fun decoration for your kids’ rooms! Find other great wooden blocks in different designs in Tiny Golden Arrows’ shop.

Stuffed Alien Plush

by Plush Central

Send your kid to outerspace with a trusty alien plush from Plush Central! This alien plush is made with soft fleece, which makes this alien a out of this world, bedtime buddy for your child. Plush Central has many other alien plush dolls in various colors, from baby pink to purple, orange to grey, which allows you to find the perfect one for your kid!

Hobbit Hole Playhouse

by Hobbit Holes

Have your kids always dreamed of a playhouse or treehouse? With Hobbit Holes’ wood-made playhouse, you can give your kids the playhouse of their dreams! This playhouse has round windows and a round door for a unique design on the playhouse. A blue trim and roof add a touch of color to this simple, wooden playhouse. Whether for reading or enjoying time outdoors, this Hobbit Hole playhouse is a great way to get your kids to find their interests and enjoy the outdoors. You can find other colored trims and roofs for a Hobbit Hole playhouse in Hobbit Holes’ shop.

DIY Painting Wooden Popsicle Play Toy

by BYO Imagination

Get your kids’ creative juices flowing with BYO Imagination’s DIY painting wooden popsicle play toys! With six different, bright colored paint, your kids can paint the two wooden popsicles in any color and design they want. Now they can have their own popsicle play toys when they want to play house or chef! A paintbrush is also included in this DIY kit.

Custom-Made Family of Six Peg Doll Set

by Goose Grease

Play house with your kids with Goose Grease’s peg doll set that resembles your family! This customizable peg doll set allows you to make a portrait of your family in peg doll form. Two large dolls and four small dolls are included in this listing, so you can create the perfect family doll set and let your kids play house with them.

If you want to make toy-picking a more fun experience, let your children shop around for indie, handmade toys with you as you search. This allows you to learn more about what your children like or dislike, and it also peaks their interest in safer and unique toys made by expert crafters. Not only will you be able to create a stronger bond with your children, but you also get them to appreciate the toys they receive more as well. Have a fun time shopping for toys made by indie sellers!

Written by Emily Nguyen, a core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.