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Cleaning and Care Tips for Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera

June 25, 2014
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If you just purchased your Nikon D3200 – hopefully with the help of a coupon or two – you will want to be sure that your properly care for it to ensure that it will last a long time to take photos of precious memories for years to come.  To find out how to properly care for your new Nikon D3200, which has received positive reviews on CNET, keep reading.

Prevent Battery Leakage

A corroded battery that starts to leak can completely ruin your new camera so you will want to always remove your  battery if you are not planning on using your camera for a while. You will also want to store your battery is a plastic, Ziplock bag, not directly in the case with your camera to prevent it from leaking all over your camera bag and onto your camera. 

Keep it Cool 

Like most all electronics, you will not want to store your camera in a place where it will overheat or even melt. That means never placing your camera in a plastic bag to store it or leaving it in a hot car. You also don’t want to leave it out in very cold temperatures. Your best bet is to find a cool place to keep it safe.

Keep it Away from Water

You new Nikon D3200 is also not waterproof. That means simply don’t get it wet and use extra care when shooting photos near a body of water. A good idea is to use a camera strap to secure your camera around your neck while shooting near a pool, a lake or an ocean.

Use a camera bag

To prevent your camera from getting damaged, it is always best to tote it around in a camera bag, even if cumbersome to carry. When buying a camera bag, try it out in the store to make sure it will be comfortable to carry around so you can be sure that it will be a bag that you will use to prevent your camera from not only getting scratches and dusty but also keep it safe from the elements, including rain.


If you want to keep your camera in top-notch condition, Nikon recommends using an aerosol blower to remove dust and lint off the body of the camera, as well as off the lens, mirror and viewfinder.  To clean the outside of your camera, use a soft cloth. You should also use a microfiber cloth to clean fingerprints off your 3-inch LCD monitor, just be careful not to apply a lot of pressure.

And to prevent dirt and dust from getting on your camera lens, you should also take care to cap your lens every time you are done using it.