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Cleaning Your Pandora Bracelet and Charms

Nov. 18, 2014
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You’ve spent a lot of time picking out your Pandora bracelet and charms. To make sure it tells your story for many years to come, you’ll want to take care of your unique bracelet.

Here’s how to clean and care for your Pandora treasure:

Keep It Safe From Soap, Salt and Sun

As soon as you take your new Pandora bracelet out of its box, remember to follow a few simple steps to protect it:

For starters, remove your bracelet before going to bed or when going to the gym.

You should also not wear it in the shower, in a pool or in the ocean, as soap, chlorine and salt water all have the potential to damage your jewelry over time.

In addition, pay attention to where you store your jewelry. Keep it away from sunlight and heat, in a jewelry box or tarnish-resistant pouch, or in a Mylar or polyethylene zip-closure bag.

Clean It Up With a Toothbrush

After you’ve been wearing your bracelet for some time, it may start to lose its shine. Following a few easy steps can have it looking like new again. All you’ll need is a small amount of mild soap, lukewarm water and a soft toothbrush. (But be sure to follow specific instructions below for different materials.)

Mix the soap with the water and begin to brush your bracelet using the toothbrush. If the dirt is hard to remove, try soaking your jewelry in the mixture before scrubbing with a toothbrush again.

Polish Your Silver

If your piece is made of sterling silver and is starting to tarnish, you can use a silver-polishing cloth to make your bracelet shine again after cleaning. Polishing cloths are available at a number of retailers, including, which sells them for $5 each.

Use Special Care for Pandora Rose

If you own a Pandora Rose piece, you will have to give it extra special care. Rather than using the toothbrush method, it is recommended that you use a soft cloth, dampened in lukewarm water and mild soap. Gently rub your piece. If dirt is still visible, you can soak your piece for five to 10 minutes.

Clean Wood, Murano Glass, Cameo Beads and Charms

You can use the toothbrush method for these types of beads, but take care never to soak them, and after cleaning them, dry them off with a soft cloth right away, but never rub them with a silver cloth.

Love Your Leather

If you own a leather bracelet, just wipe it down with a damp cloth and never soak it. You should also never use a cleaning product or silver cloth on it.

Take It to Your Jeweler

If you are concerned about cleaning your Pandora bracelet, Pandora, which has been featured on CNN Money, recommends that you take it to an authorized Pandora retailer that will clean your treasured bracelet based on its individual features.

A jeweler can also inspect your bracelet to ensure that all clasps and mounts are secured properly, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never look down and find that your bracelet is gone.