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Cyber Monday in San Francisco: 15 Handmade Items by the San Francisco Etsy Team

Nov. 27, 2013
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What comes after the famous Black Friday shopping event? Cyber Monday, of course! Thanks to more buyers coming online for goods, Cyber Monday is dedicated to online shopping and has become a renowned event as well, even though it was recently developed in the last several years. Although many major stores will be participating in Cyber Monday, small businesses and indie sellers are also taking up this opportunity to increase their holiday sales as the year comes to an end. Support these small businesses, and discover the fine, one-of-a-kind items in our Cyber Monday gift guide! Since we at NerdWallet are located in San Francisco, we want to dedicate this post to Etsy sellers in San Francisco who have joined together to participate in the Cyber Monday event. You can read more about these San Francisco sellers here and learn about their Cyber Monday sales! Our mini guide presents some of these great items from these sellers offer, so find that perfect Christmas, anniversary, birthday or  just because present here. You can also check out more Etsy coupon codes at NerdWallet Indie Coupons.

 Cat in the Moon 2014 Wall Calendar

by Gorillajin & Sansu

Never forget what day it is again with Gorillajin & Sansu’s “Cat in the Moon” 2014 wall calendar! Illustrated by Sansu, this unique and quirky wall calendar depicts an adorable and mischievous cat walking across a puddle of water and a reflection of the moon. This illustration is printed on a 11×17-inch matte card stock paper, which makes this calendar high quality, sturdy, and perfect for hanging on a wall. Place Gorillajin & Sansu’s Cat in the Moon calendar in your office space, bedroom, near your front door or give it as a special present to the cat lover in your life. Receive 15% on items in Gorillajin & Sansu’s shop on Cyber Monday.

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 Mustard Yellow Knit Infinity Scarf

by Earthquake State

Keep warm during the winter season, and stay stylish at the same time with Earthquake State’s mustard yellow, knitted infinity scarf! This scarf is made with top quality, soft yarn and is lightweight, which makes it a great layering piece. Layer it on top of casual clothing for a simple yet trendy look! Find other fashionable items in Earthquake State’s shop, including infinity scarves in other colors. Get 20% off items in Earthquake State’s shop on Cyber Monday.

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 Puppy Animal Character Crocheted Fingerless Gloves

by MsAmandaJayne

Your hands will be warm with glee and cuteness with MsAmandaJayne’s crocheted fingerless gloves in adorable, puppy form! Whether you’re on a cold, morning walk or drinking a hot cup o’ joe, these gloves are here to protect your hands from extreme temperatures. These puppy fingerless gloves can be a great gift for the dog lover in your life. Discover more fun animal creations in MsAmandaJayne’s shop! Take 25% off items in MsAmandaJayne’s shop on Cyber Monday.

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Pinwheel Wall Art Decor

by Entropy the Shop

Charm your walls with Entropy the Shop’s boho-chic pinwheel wall art! This home or office decor is made with elegant and vibrant paper and cinched in the middle with silky yarn. Whether you want to frame them in a shadowbox or layer them, these pinwheels give you many creative decoration options. You can also request for custom-made pinwheel arts from Entropy the Shop! Find other whimsical and bohemian-styled decorations, gifts and more in Entropy the Shop’s shop! Save 10% on items in Entropy the Shop’s shop on Cyber Monday.

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Reversible Emerald Green and White Ribbon Block Necklace

by The Lei Stand

Embellish your outfits with this bold, statement ribbon necklace from The Lei Stand! Made with silky, emerald green, and white ribbon, this statement necklace is reversible, which gives you many more styling options. Take 15% off items in The Lei Stand’s shop on Cyber Monday. 

 Set of Four Fuchsia Table Napkins

by The Recoverie

Give a little quirky and earthy charm to your table setting with The Recoverie’s fuchsia table napkins! Decorated with elaborate, fuchsia-colored flower designs, these napkins are made from linen and have fringed edges for a rustic appeal. Receive 15% off items in The Recoverie’s shop on Cyber Monday. 

 Pumpkin Pie Scented Body Soap

by Laughing Devil Designs

Pumpkin pie isn’t for your dining table anymore! Indulge yourself with the Laughing Devil Designs’ pumpkin pie scented body soap. As a limited fall edition item, this soap bar makes for a decadent body wash. Made with oils that help keep your skin in tip-top shape and perfect for those with sensitive skin, this pumpkin pie scented soap bar is a wonderful and unique way to enjoy the fall season! Get this limited edition item soon for yourself or as a gift for a soap or pumpkin pie lover. Save 15% on items in Laughing Devil Designs’ shop on Cyber Monday.

 Round Red and White Polka Dot Air Plant Pot with Air Plant

by Thrifted and Made

Add a touch of life and festive color in your home with Thrifted and Made’s air plant pot and air plant! The planter is painted with a deep red color and sprinkled with white polka dots. The fresh, green air plant gives this air plant duo a Christmas-like appearance, perfect for a holiday decoration besides a Christmas tree. You can find many other planters in different styles and colors in Thrifted and Made’s shop. Get 20% off items in Thrifted and Made’s shop on Cyber Monday.

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Ice Blue Spiked Feather Hoop Earrings

by House of Stonez

Give your everyday attire or formal wear an edge with House of Stonez’s spiked feather earrings! These ice blue feather earrings have a unique, curved appearance, which adds edginess to your style. Made from sterling silver and delicately wire-wrapped, soft feathers, these earrings are great for those with sensitive skin and still want to show off a simple yet flashy style. Discover more feather hoop earrings in House of Stonez’s shop along with other fabulous accessories. Save 20% on items in House of Stonez’s shop on Cyber Monday.

 Organic City Scape Patterned Hooded Bath Towels for Kids

by Nura Baby Designs

Wrap your little one in Nura Baby Designs’ organic hooded bath towel! This particular bath towel has a city scape design, which adds a whimsical touch to this useful piece. Created with organic terry cloth and organic cotton print fabric, this bath towel is sure to keep your baby or toddler safe from harm and keep him or her warm! Find more excellent, eco-friendly goods in Nura Baby Designs’ shop. Take 20% off items in Nura Baby Designs’ shop on Cyber Monday.

 Burgundy Zippered Leather Pouch

by The Bird Bags

Whether for a fancy date night or elaborate party, The Bird Bags has got your back for any occasion with its luxurious accessories! This burgundy zippered leather pouch is a vibrant and handy tool for your emergency makeup items, money, cards, and other belongings. Attached to this quality, cow-hide leather pouch is a fringed zipper pull for an edgy appeal. Find other modern and stylish bags in The Bird Bags’ shop! Get 20% off on The Bird Bags’ accessories on Cyber Monday.

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 Pressed Purple Iris Flower Petal Earrings

by IMPRESSED by Nature

Instead of wearing heavy or ordinary earrings, take home delicate, pressed flower earrings made by Impressed by Nature! Created with pressed purple iris flower petals, these earrings have irregular yet perfect color patterns, which make these an eye-catching accessory. Impressed by Nature also has many other pressed flower accessories, so be sure to check them out! You can also save 20% on IMPRESSED by Nature’s products on Cyber Monday.

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 Zoofufu ABC Block Art Print

by Tofufu Studio

Education doesn’t have to be boring for your kids; actually, thanks to Tofufu Studio’s Zoofufu ABC block art print, teaching your kids the ABCs just got cute, colorful and fun! This art print presents adorably illustrated animals on each letter block, which can also help teach your kids about the different animals in the world as well as the ABCs. Add this art print to your child’s room or elsewhere for a decorative yet educational wall decor item. Receive 20% off Tofufu Studio’s items on Cyber Monday.

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 Space and Time Personalized Star Map Pendant Necklace

by Sky and Light

Explore the universe’s beautiful stars in Sky and Light’s personalized star map pendant necklace! To personalize this necklace, simply give Sky and Light the location, date and time of a special event in your life, and the seller will paint the stars that appear in the sky on that day. Whether for a birthday or anniversary, Sky and Light’s personalized star map necklace is a unique, stunning way to preserve a memorable moment. Find other great space-related accessories in Sky and Light’s shop. Save 20% on Sky and Light’s items on Cyber Monday.

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Flower Stud Earring Set

by Artsy Lady Vintage

Stuff stockings this holiday season with Artsy Lady Vintage’s flower stud earring sets! With a pair of teal mums, light blue roses, and white roses, this stud earring set, although different in color, create a coordinating and appealing combination of colors and elegant flowers. Whether for summer or winter, these earrings can be worn any time with any outfit, making them timeless and stylish accessories with a vintage flair. You can also find other great, vintage-inspired accessories in Artsy Lady Vintage’s shop. Get 25% off items in Artsy Lady Vintage’s shop on Cyber Monday.

Many of these items can become great, personal gifts to your loved ones, so be sure to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals to save money on fantastic items. If you’re interested in more Cyber Monday items, be sure to check out other fantastic items on Etsy. Simply type in “cyber monday” in Etsy’s search bar to find other great items and shops that are participating in Cyber Monday. Happy savings and shopping!

Written by Emily Nguyen, a core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.