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Could You Eat 1.5 Billion Peeps and Still Say ‘Chubby Bunny’?

April 18, 2014
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This Easter weekend, Americans will consume 90 million chocolate bunnies—chased, no doubt, by some of the 16 billion jelly beans sold—as part of the more than $2.2 billion in candy purchased this holiday, according to the National Confectioners Association.

And people feel there is overwhelmingly one way to eat them: Ears first.

Easter may not bring the retail frenzy of Christmas, nor the scary fun of Halloween, but the consumer side of the holiday observing the Resurrection of Jesus Christ will drive nearly $16 billion in food, candy and clothing sales, according to the National Retail Federation.

If you’re a lover of chocolate, Easter is the second-biggest holiday to sate your sweet tooth, after Halloween. (In fact, you may want to hoard your chocolate treats. The cost of cocoa has skyrocketed this past year, and is expected to be soon felt in candy prices. Some analysts envision a time when true chocolate becomes “a bit like Champagne … something which is a luxury.”)

If you dig on ham, Easter is the second-most popular season to dig into a Honeybaked, after Christmas. And if you’re a “Peep”-le person, well, this is obviously the most wonderful time of the year—some 1.5 billion of the marshmallow confections will be devoured for Easter.

Easter is a decidedly family holiday, with 87% of parents planning to celebrate Easter with their children. The average American celebrating will spend an average of $137.46, down from the $145.13 spent last year, according to a National Retail Federation survey.

Some more numbers:

But if your children ask for a real bunny or chick, think twice: Both animals require long-term care and attention that lasts far longer than initial thrill of holding something small and soft, animal-rights groups warn. In New York alone, discarded rabbits are the third-most-sheltered animal in the city, after dogs and cats, and the numbers have been growing in recent years.

Instead of getting a real chick, you can explore more creative ways to play with those marshmallow Peeps. Some are highbrow, like these amazing dioramas created with Peeps. Most are lowbrow, and there are a few that will take the eyebrows right off your child if you’re not careful.

Come on down the rabbit hole:

Make a giant Peeps cake filled with, yep, Peeps

How many Peeps does it take to stop a .22-caliber bullet?

What about when you put Peeps in a vacuum …

… or a microwave …

… or a 100,000-watt microwave? (Hmm.)

Peeps go jousting

Chubby bunny indeed

Man tries eating 60 Peeps in two minutes

Peep versus King Kong

‘Rest in Peeps,’ and other insane dioramas

And then there’s this guy’s take on Seurat and ‘Peepillism’

Illustrations by Brian Yee.