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Featured Artist: Jameson of tmbr.

Oct. 23, 2012
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Thank you, Jameson, for sharing about your inspiration behind tmbr. and your handcrafted iPhone cases and sunglasses!

Tell us about your online store and what inspired it?

The tmbr. online store was inspired by our unique products. Growing up with a father that was a former woodshop teacher, we spent a lot of time down in the workshop. Our love for quality craftsmanship, and desire to create a product of our own, led us to the creation of our products.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

What we enjoy most about our business is the pride that it brings us in creating a quality product that is appreciated. Every time we hear someone say “what is that” or “where did you get that from” after seeing one of our products, it inspires us to grow our business and create new products.

What is your favorite product to make and why?

The tmbr. bamboo sunglasses are easily our favorite product to create for a couple of reasons, primarily because it was our first love. We wanted something that we were passionate about and could put our own personal touch on. Our bamboo frame sunglasses are handcrafted from high-quality acetate and carbonized bamboo.

What are you most excited about for the future of your store?

As a small company that was only started a year ago we are really excited about everything that the future brings for us.  We are especially excited about the opportunity to increase our offering and create new products. We started with our bamboo sunglasses and we have quickly grown to producing iPad cases, iPhone cases and skins, and we already have a couple new products that are in the works we are really excited about. With the technology that we have today, it allows us to use our creativity and provide unique products.

How successful are coupons for your store?

We have yet to utilize coupons in our online shops but we are going to take this opportunity to use our first one. If you use the coupon code TMBR12 during the month of November we will give you 10% OFF your entire purchase of either bamboo sunglasses or wood iPhone cases on our Etsy shop or

How are you preparing for the holiday rush?

In preparation of the Holiday rush and to keep up with our current demand, we are already ramping up production of all of our products. Because we had barely had our shops open during the holidays last year, we did not experience a lot of traffic. But this year we are anticipating a large amount of traffic, mainly because of the release of the iPhone 5 and being one of the few companies that offer a high-quality wooden iPhone 5 case.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be as successful as you?

I would simply add that for anyone considering developing a product that they love and enjoy and offering it to the public, we say go for it… what’s the worst thing that can happen?  There will be set-backs and not everyone will have the same high standards of integrity as you expect, but if you love your product, use your product, and everyone else does, go for it.  Have fun and test the boundaries!

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All images are used with permission from Jameson and tmbr.