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Featured Artist: Kyla of IMPRESSED By Nature

Nov. 9, 2012
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Thank you, Kyla, for sharing about IMPRESSED by Nature and your inspirational story!

An Elementary school teacher for the past six years, Kyla always had a creative crafty side outside of her teaching job. While pressing flowers last summer, Kyla suddenly thought to herself, “What if I could wear these beautiful petals somehow?” Thus began her quest to find the best way to press and preserve lovely flowers and leaves and turn them into the most delicate and organic jewelry you have ever seen.

Ingeniously, Kyla taught herself how to laminate her pressed flowers using transparent durable materials to create beautiful jewelry. Often when she wore her pressed flower earrings or gave them as gifts to friends, admirers of her creations would always be amazed by her jewelry and Kyla received lots of valuable feedback to improve her unique craft.

One fateful day, Kyla wore her pressed flower earrings and walked into a boutique store in Maine. The storeowner immediately approached Kyla and expressed how much she loved her earrings and that she would love them in her store. The praise from her friends, family, and shop owners gave Kyla the motivation and inspiration to start her store, IMPRESSED by Nature on Etsy. Kyla began her business on Etsy mostly because it was low cost and easy to set up with no financial commitment. Etsy became the ideal online marketplace for Kyla to showcase her work. Soon after, Kyla received many orders and great feedback from Etsy customers that fueled her motivation to continue developing her craft and building her pressed flower jewelry collection.

As a lover of the beauty of nature, Kyla’s creative process is uniquely tied to the flowers she grows in her own garden. Delicate roses, sage, California poppies, cosmos, sunflowers, bougainvillea, clematis and other flowers and leaves are carefully cultivated year round by Kyla who is also a passionate gardener. Sometimes, Kyla also finds flowers ideal for pressing at local farmers’ markets and local flower farms that she has built relationships with. Each of her jewelry designs start weeks in advance when Kyla harvests beautiful flowers by hand, then selects the most pretty and unblemished petals, and then presses them with her special wooden flower press that she also made herself. Once her flower petals have been pressed and dried, Kyla laminates the petals and leaves in a thin plastic laminate with as little plastic waste as possible.

Because of its transparent and durable nature, plastic laminate has been the ideal material for Kyla to seal and preserve her flower petals for a beautiful soft, delicate, and earthy look. Since each of her jewelry pieces is made individually with great awareness of her natural materials, Kyla can focus more of her attention to every creative design element surrounding her work. Furthermore, Kyla takes extra care to include the names of the plants with each jewelry design in order to bring awareness to the plant itself.

Recently, Kyla has worked hard at building her retail presence in local boutique shops as well as at craft fairs. Outside of her online Etsy shop, Kyla sells at craft shows in the San Francisco Bay Area and also in Massachusetts and New York. Craft fairs are excellent for direct customer feedback because it is such a benefit to talk to people face to face who can see her one of a kind jewelry creations in person. The beauty of her pressed flower earrings and necklaces speak for themselves when a customer can see her work up close and personal. The exposure for IMPRESSED by Nature at craft fairs has been invaluable to Kyla and often leads to loyal returning customers and opportunities to sell her work in art galleries, museums, boutiques and more.

Incredibly dedicated to her work, Kyla maintains her sustainability philosophy to bring people’s awareness closer to nature through the beautiful aesthetic of her favorite flowers that she grows herself. She constantly strives to use all the natural materials she can with flowers and leaves and also uses as little synthetic materials as possible. Kyla constantly fine-tunes her craft to be more sustainable and natural with feedback from her retail and wholesale customers. Even her packaging is made from recycled or reclaimed paper. Kyla’s mission is to capture the beauty of natural materials in a durable and lightweight form. Just seeing her beautiful pressed flower artistry, you immediately feel impressed and awed by the beauty of nature.

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All images are used with permission from Kyla and IMPRESSED by Nature.