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Featured Store: DoGoodBuyUs

Feb. 9, 2013
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Thank you, Zack, for sharing about DoGoodBuyUs, the largest marketplace of charity-made products, and the difference you’re making in this world!

Tell us about your online store and what inspired it:

Our story starts as every great story does, with a trip to the supermarket. On this particular day my son and I were going down the cereal aisle searching for things he would actually eat. Of course, his eye was pulled towards the cereals with the most sugar. You can probably already name them.

As I read through the ingredients I became pretty upset. Listed were over 90 different products but only 4 I had ever heard of. My attention then turned to the box of Paul Newman’s Own. The moniker at the top said all profits go to charity and there were only 4 natural ingredients.


After leaving the store I began to wonder, are there more organizations out there that are good for you and good for others?
At DoGoodBuyUs we believe the world can’t change until consumerism does. It is a lofty goal but, to make it easy we built the largest marketplace of charity-made products. From tea to t-shirts, rain boots to cosmetics, all products support the worthiest causes.

Therefore, I used my marketing expertise to create DoGoodBuyUs – the largest marketplace of charity-made products.  We sell goods that are unique, often-handmade and support a cause and we carry everything from tea to t-shirts, jewelry to rain boots.  We truly believe the world can change when consumerism does, and, although this is a lofty goal, it is work worth doing.

Who has been the greatest influence in your business? 

It all starts with my son. Now 5, Chris has been life changing in so many ways. Our day in the supermarket is only one small example.

As he grows up, it is exciting to watch him understand how his decisions affect others.

What do you enjoy most about developing your online marketplace?

For us the best part is when our charity partners send us a pictures and stories. There is one that always stands out to me. It came from one of our partners whose mission is to fight malaria in Tanzania. We had been helping her sell jewelry and late last year she finally made enough to do a vaccination drop.

A few days later we received a picture with a pallet full of medicine and a message that said, “thanks to you, we now have all of this.”

That kind of satisfaction never came in my past jobs.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

Running your own business makes every day the best and worst day of your life. It is that thrill that keeps me going. Above anything else what excites me is starting with a blank slate and filling it up. From an idea in May of 2011 to and growing company with 4 employees.

What have you learned from running your business?

Cut all expectations in 1/4. Especially in year 1 and 2. The focus of every entrepreneur in those years is to find something people want. Test, experiment and don’t beat yourself up by setting unrealistic goals.

What have you found to be successful tools for running your business?

Besides my phone and of course, NerdWallet? How about this for an old school answer, a land line.  All e-commerce is at a serious disadvantage when it comes to customer service. We are in many ways, the man behind the curtain. A nameless, faceless, shopping engine.

We make it a point to call as many of our DoGooders as we can. Sometimes with nothing more on our minds than saying, Hi.

Fancy, no. Useful, absolutely!

What are you most excited about for in 2013 for your store?

2012 for us was all about establishing our marketplace as the one stop shop for Goods that DoGood. As we enter into 2013, so many of our charities are looking for new areas to fundraise and product development gives them an outlet.

How do you use coupons to bring customers to your store?

We always like to reward our biggest DoGooders. Often we will send out 5 FREE Shipping coupons to them and ask that they share them with friends.

It is our way of saying Thank you and if they think highly enough about us, to spread the word.