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Best Online Deals for 18” Doll Accessories

Feb. 7, 2014
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If you have a 7- to 8-year old daughter, chances are she is toting around her treasured American Girl, Journey Girl or Our Generation doll. And unlike the popular Cabbage Patch dolls of the 1980s, these dolls need a lot of attention, accessories and yes, even furniture of their own.

Putting aside the cost of purchasing one of these dolls, which run, on average, between $100 for an American Girl to $34.99 for a Journey Girl and $32.99 for an Our Generation doll, the prices for your daughter’s doll’s clothing, beds, horses, shoes, desks, tents, cars, strollers and campers can, before your eyes, amount to a down payment on a car.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank for your daughter’s best playmate —there are plenty of deals for doll accessories online and what’s even better is that all of the items available can be interchanged with any of the 18-inch dolls on the market.

Deals on Wheels

If your daughter’s 18-inch doll is in need of a new ride, sells not only a jeep for $34.99, but also an RV Camper that comes complete utensils and bedding for $59.99 — both, if ordered online, ship for free. Compared to other companies offering similar items for close to $80, this is by far best deal on the web, unless your daughter’s doll would rather set up a tent instead of camping in style in a camper.  In that case, Walmart sells a camping set for 18-inch dolls for $19.97 that comes with a chair, campfire, lantern and mini-cooler.

Dress Up Time

In your daughter’s eyes, her 18-inch doll always needs to look her best and of course, have an outfit for every occasion from dance recitals to snowboarding, not to mention everyday wear, including pajamas, coats, hats, shoes, socks and scarves.

Deals typically depend on the type of outfit you are looking for, but in general, outfits and accessories, usually start in the $15 range and can go as high as $25.  But, craft shops, including JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft Stores, offer the best prices, selling doll outfits for as low as $9.99 and even less when you use one of their weekly coupons that offer 40 percent off one regularly priced item.

If your daughter is looking to match her outfit with her doll, Kohl’s department store is the way to go. The store has a wide selection of Dollie and Me outfits online starting at $16.99 for a matching pajama set and several clearance sets, starting at $21, originally $70.  The store also has a number of buy one, get one half off specials for outfits, including a dance leotard set. If you compare those prices with other shops that sell coordinating outfits for up to $70, you should feel like you are walking away with a steal.

Setting up House

Every 18-inch doll needs her own bed and of course, armoire to store all her clothing and shoes and there are more than a few of these items on the market.

A single bed and an armoire can run anywhere between $40 and $60 each, but is selling a single, white bed for $22.99 and an armoire for $33.44. But, even better deal, especially if your daughter’s doll will be planning a sleepover party, is a bunk bed with attached armoire for $40 at Walmart.

Doll house image courtesy of Shutterstock.