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Best Dyson Vacuum Deals for the Holidays

Dec. 19, 2013
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Editor’s note, Dec. 18, 2014: Since this post was written, ShopDiscover has become Discover Deals, which continues to offer Discover card customers special access to exclusive shopping deals.

You’ve been sucked in (pardon the pun) by those weirdly appealing Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum commercials featuring a guy with a smooth British accent talking about the advantages of vacuum cleaners that ride on balls.

With a low center of gravity, self-adjusting head and cyclone technology for suction, the vacuum maneuvers around the room clog-lessly on different floor surfaces – without ever needing a bag.

As vacuum cleaners go, this one is pretty sweet. It would make a great gift, or make your own life easier. Of course all this technology translates into a retailer price – $399.99 – that may be out of your comfort zone. After all, you are buying a vacuum cleaner here, not a new flat-screen TV.

But thanks to a few saving methods, here are some ways to snag the best Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum deals for the holidays.

Being 60-Plus Rules

The best deal we found at the time of this writing is at Kohl’s, where just being age 60 or older earns you 15% off every Wednesday. You have to bring an ID, and the offer is good in stores only, no online shopping. But if you can meet the age requirement and get to a store, you’ll save $59.99, meaning you’ll have the Dyson in your hands for $340.

Discover Savings

Quite a few of these best deals require a Discover card. For this one, Discover credit card holders can shop for the Dyson through the card’s rewards mall,, and get 10% cash back at, bringing the price down to $359.99. You must have, or get, that Discover card and be enrolled in the rewards program, so this one is a little tougher to get than some of the other deals.

Pay Macy’s a Visit

You can score the same savings at Macy’s, but don’t be sucked into thinking you’re doing better. Macy’s has the Dyson “on sale” for $100 off until Dec. 21, but the store’s regular price is $499.99. Lots of other stores, and the Dyson website itself, have the DC40 Origin for $399.99.

Still, you can get 10% off by signing up for the Macy’s Domestic Visitor Savings Pass, which is good for three days after validation. Just print out a voucher from Macy’s, bring it to a store for validation and you’re good to go. This one is pretty easy.

Walmart’s Deal

Go to, sign up for a credit card and you’ll earn $25 as a credit on your statement with your first purchase of $75 or more on the day you open the account. That brings your new Dyson down to $374.99.

The 5% Club

Target’s Pharmacy Rewards Program offers a 5% discount on a day of shopping once you fill five prescriptions at a Target pharmacy. That’s not a bad deal if you need prescriptions filled and want to do it at Target. Make the purchase on your Target REDcard and you can save an additional 5%.

As you might be able to tell by now, the deals vary in difficulty level. For instance, in contrast to the potentially time-consuming Target pharmacy deal is, there’s an easier way to save 5%. Click over to and then to for cash back on the Dyson, bringing the final price down to $379.05.

Savings for All

The point is, there are a lot of ways to achieve the best Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum deals. The best way is just by being 60 or older and running over to your nearest Kohl’s on a Wednesday. If that’s you, it doesn’t get much easier.

But it’s not all that difficult to save 10% if you combine some deals at Target, or have a Discover card and hit the card’s rewards mall. If even that is too much work, don’t forget options like FatWallet and Walmart.

So save your way to solving any floor dirt, dust or mold problems!