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Best Fitbit Force Deals for the Holidays

Dec. 19, 2013
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Editor’s note, Dec. 18, 2014: Since this post was written, ShopDiscover has become Discover Deals, which continues to offer Discover card customers special access to exclusive shopping deals.

What if there was a device that could tell you how well you slept, how hard you exercised, and how many miles you walked in a given day? Well, actually there is.

The Fitbit Force allows you to track distance, calories, steps and more, right in the palm of your hand – or rather, on your wrist. Oh, and yes, unlike the other Fitbit products out there, this one also lets you check the time. In fact, you can say the Fitbit Force is your premium fitness watch.

Of course, this is far from being a run-of-the-mill device, so the retailer price comes to $129.95. That may be steep for some, but luckily, combinations of discounts can burn off some money from that sticker price. You may end up with the best Fitbit Force deal for the holidays.

Best Way to Trim the Price

The best discount method for the Fitbit Force involves using the code Bloggers15off at the checkout in order to receive 15% off the purchase.  This is not only a good deal but it’s quite easy to do.

Other deals are a little more difficult. You’ll find store membership cards or credit card deals will generally help you save. Case in point: If you have a Target Credit Card, which goes by the name of REDcard, you can buy the Fitbit Force for 5% off, a discount of $6.50.

Online, you have access to other ways to cut the cost: The cash-back website is one place to go. You will have to sign up, but they don’t ask for much more than your name and email. From there, you can find your way to and redeem 8% cash back.

Online Rewards Malls

A common way to save for multiple products involves the Discover card, and in the case of the Fitbit Force, you can go through the card’s website to the online rewards mall called ShopDiscover. Now you can go onto to get 15% cash back on the Fitbit Force. With a savings of just under $20, you’re looking at a $110.46 Fitbit Force.

Another Discover card deal involves going to and then onto to get 10% cash back.

However, in the event that you don’t have a Discover card, there’s another online rewards mall site that can help. Although less-known, will get you 8% cash back if you from its website onto and order there.

FitBit of Advice

The holidays will pass before you know it. To get the best Fitbit Force deal out there, it’s recommended to go to the stores or check online now, especially for something this popular. In fact, its popularity is evident on its product site,, where there’s a note of the Force being on back order and unable to be delivered by Christmas Eve.

However, that shouldn’t stop you. The device that can help you fulfill fitness challenges is out there. Check retail stores and online, then take some savings steps – and pretty soon, the FitBit will track them for you.