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Best of Indie Spotlight: Best Earth Day Gifts

April 19, 2013
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On April 22nd, a special, global day is honored to commemorate the environmental movement that started in the late 1960s to 1970 by Gaylord Nelson, Senator of Wisconsin. Seeing the damaging and colossal oil spill in Santa Barbara, California and inspired by the anti-war movement among students, Senator Nelson, along with Denis Hayes and Pete McCloskey, created this environmental movement that brought 20 million Americans together and protested against the soiled environment. In modern times, where health is more focused upon and caring for the Earth becomes more of an emphasized act and movement, there are many people who support this wonderful cause. Among these people are independent sellers and artisans who craft items from reclaimed materials, giving them another life as accessories, home decorations, and more. Perfect for Earth Day supporters, the environmentally conscious, or just because, these following items make for excellent gifts on this fabulous day!

Queen Anne’s Lace Flower Resin Pendant
By ScrappinCop

What better way to thank Mother Nature on Earth Day than adorning a resin-set flower necklace from ScrappinCop! This specific necklace is made with breathtaking turquoise Queen Anne’s Lace blooms. Set in a sphere-shaped glass pendant and hanged from an antique 24’’ chain, this bulb of beauty also makes for an earth-friendly accessory piece for everyday wear. In ScrappinCop’s shop, there are more flower-pressed jewelry pieces to discover in ScrappinCop’s large collection.

Round Wooden Couple Keychain
By Happy Cat Prints

You can honor Earth Day and romance all in one with Happy Cat Prints’ wooden couple keychain! Constructed with reclaimed wood from dead tree branches, this adorable and charming keychain has an original print by Happy Cat Prints on one side and the names of the loving couple on the other side. Happy Cat Prints uses eco-friendly paper for application of the artworks. From happy kittens to darling porcupines, Happy Cat Prints has a variety of friendly critters that are applied to wooden keychains. Happy Cat Prints’ keychains can also be great gifts for graduates and more.

Eggshell Candle
By Less Candles

Decorate a wedding reception area or baby shower with one of Less Candles’ eggshell candles! These eggshell candles make for a great Easter gift or party favors as well. Made with vegetable wax, this eco-friendly home or party decor item can be used to celebrate Earth Day as well. In Less Candles’ shop, you can find a wide variety of colors and eggshell candle sets for any occasion.

Recycled Jack Daniel’s Bottle Table Lamp
By Brownie Gifts

Party animals or the special guy in your life will be charmed with Brownie Gifts’ Jack Daniel’s bottle lamp! Besides the recycled bottle, Brownie Gifts uses reclaimed oak wood to create the base of this lamp and has a felt bottom to reduce sliding and scratching. Whether for a man cave decor item or an office desk ornament, this fun lamp illuminates any room with bright light and humor.

Colored Pencil Stud Earrings
By huiyitan

Embellish simply yet vibrantly with colored pencil stud earrings from huiyitan! Inspired by a childhood hobby of collecting colored pencils, these stud earrings come in many color options, from royal blue to flirty pink. huiyitan also creates colored pencil necklaces and rings with small yet chunky pieces of colored pencils, similar to the shape of these earrings. You can also find quirky and quaint silver jewelry items at huiyitan!

Log Candle and Air Plant Holders
By Deerwood Creek Gifts

Give candles and air plants a new home with these log holders from Deerwood Creek Gifts! Materialized from whimsical oak wood, these log holders can be used for rustic and shabby chic weddings or events as well as home decor. At different heights, these log holders create dimension and style for any room. Perfect as gifts for family, friends, or teachers, these log holders come in a set of four. Deerwood Creek Gifts also creates other wood items, such as ring holders.

Large Vintage Book Page Apples
By Hi Butterfly

Present an admired teacher or professor with a one-of-a-kind, recycled vintage book apple from Hi Butterfly! At 11 inches tall, this apple makes for a great desk decoration or looks fabulous on top of a file cabinet. Hi Butterfly uses vintage book pages to create these made-to-order apples. Hi Butterfly also handcrafts other apples for various sizes and other paper ornaments, from pumpkins to wreaths. Book lovers, vintage admirers, and librarians can also adore one of Hi Butterfly’s items.

Reclaimed Stiletto Succulent Holder
By Giddy Spinster

Amplify the super stylish fashionista in your life with one of Giddy Spinster’s stiletto cactus and succulent plant holders! This particular one holds a cactus plant in a sparkly, fire engine red stiletto. Using organic fertilizers, soil, and plants, Giddy Spinster’s plants are eco-friendly gifts and perfect for Earth Day celebrations. Giddy Spinster offers various colored heels to choose from to fit into home styles and more.

Repurposed Rainbow-Colored, Heart-Shaped Mason Jar Chandelier
By Boots ‘N Gus

Illuminate a dining room or dark corner in a living room with Boots ‘N Gus’ mason jar chandelier! This heart-shaped chandelier makes for a unique Valentine’s Day or anniversary present for lovers. With different colored mason jars, this lovely and whimsy chandelier creates an appealing and dazzling lighting fixture. Boots ‘N Gus uses wood to create the ring to hold the mason jars. As a ready-to-hang fixture, Boots ‘N Gus provides hardware installation items and instructions. At Boots ‘N Gus’ shop, you can find other mason jar made chandeliers in a wide array of styles and colors.

Video Game Controller Wallet
By 1UP Gallery

Nerdy yet chic, this fun and repurposed video game controller wallet from 1UP Gallery is a fabulously imaginative gift for the geek or nerd in your life! 1UP Gallery’s video game controller wallets can hold many items, from cards to iPods. The lining of the video game controller wallet is crafted with recycled bottle made felt, and the outside is made with an old-school style Nintendo controller. 1UP Gallery provides a medley of color options for customers to choose from!

Whether you celebrate Earth Day all day long or not so much, you can find ways to give back to the Earth! From recycling that pile of plastic bottles to planting a tree, find some time on this day to bring a part of you into the environmental movement. Happy Earth Day and stay green!

Written by Emily Nguyen, a freelance writer and core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.