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Mother’s Day Your Way Contest – Best Gifts For Any Season

June 12, 2013
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We received lots of great gift ideas for our Mother’s Day Contest. We got so many meaningful and unique ideas that we had to highlights some of our favorites. All of these entries show that thinking out of the box is the best way to show your mom she’s special.


Old School Mom/ New School Mom – Mother’s Day Is Coming Up And Nerd Wallet Knows!”

Here’s a wonderfully creative and easy gift guaranteed to tug at your mom’s heartstrings, a Shutterfly photo book which showcases your family’s best memories. This gift is one of those personal gifts that comes from your heart and your mom can grab this photo book anytime she feels nostalgic. This gift deserves special mention because it is creative, personal, inexpensive, and literally anyone can do this and come out looking like the best son or daughter ever.

Jumbo Jibbles – Just An Idea for Mother ’s Day-Give Her the Stars”

Want to give your mom a gift that will knock her out of this world? Jumbo Jibbles’ hand painted celestial pendants are definitely a thoughtful and beautiful gift, but here’s the part that will really blow her mind. The hand painted star pendants can be crafted to show the stars of any day. Maybe you make it her birthday, or yours, or one of your siblings, or any significant date in your mama’s life you can think of. Regardless this gift is incredibly beautiful and we had to let you know next time you’re in search of a great gift for your mom, give her the stars!

The Shopping – The Best Mother’s Day Present for Under $25″

If your mom is like mine she loves to decorate her house with cute little trinkets, The Shopping Mom’s entry of a Rainbow Water Prism would be a great gift to accent your mom’s lovely home. The Rainbow Prism hangs in the window and is filled with distilled water; the handcrafted crystal reflects rainbows when the light hits it. Who wouldn’t want a room of rainbows? Aside from the beauty of this gift the cost is also as the title states under $25, so even on a budget you can give your mom a lovely and special gift.

What A Trip – Mother’s Day Present Under $25″

SlotFlops are a really cool idea for more practical minded moms out there. SlotFlops are sandals which have a slot hidden in the sole of the shoe, in which you can carry credit cards, money, hotel keys, etc. They are perfect for those trips to the beach when you want to travel light or if you’re headed to the pool for a quick dip. Not only are the shoes comfortable but they are genius. This gift was just too cool not garner an honorable mention – think about buying a pair of these for the next time you head to the beach.

B-Inspired Mama – Berry Flower Mother’s Day Breakfast”

This is a twist on a classic Mother’s Day treat, breakfast in bed. What is so clever about this is that it is perfect for moms out there with young children, it is an easy no fuss, no mess way for little ones to be included in making their mom feel special. All you need are bagels, cream cheese, blueberries, and strawberries. The only skill required is placing the berries in a pretty star design which as mentioned is simple enough for little kids. This little treat proves that you don’t have to be a culinary whiz to provide a tasty breakfast in bed.

Natural Hair Latina – The Best Mother’s Day Present For Under $25″

We all remember our mom giving us our sippy cups filled with juice when we were little, and now mom can have her own sippy cup filled with special ‘grown-up’ juice. The Wine Sippy Cup is a fun and practical gift for BBQs, tailgating, or anytime mom may want to relax in the backyard with her favorite book. Of course these sippy cups aren’t decorated with our favorite cartoons characters, but  they’re elegantly designed to look like wine glasses but still made of plastic so they won’t break. The Wine Sippy cup is a really fun gift and is definitely one that caught our attention.

Melissa Say What – The Gift Of Relaxation For Mother’s Day”

Mother’s Day is the day we want our moms to take time for themselves and relax. Well why not give her a gift she can use to relax all year round? Melissa Say What submitted the Earth Therapeutics Neck Pillow. This neck pillow is filled with soothing herbs such as chamomile and lavender; and when warmed up in the microwave releases a calming scent while massaging the neck. Get your mom something she can use anytime she needs to relax and take time for herself, this neck pillow is a simple but caring gift that any mom would love.

The Java Mama – Mother’s Day”

Willow Tree provides beautifully crafted figures; the one submitted by the Java Mama was a lovely representation of a mother’s love. The figure which shows a mother cradling her small child is a perfect gift that your mom can cherish every time she looks at it. The Willow Tree website offers lots of variations on this classic theme to choose from. Thanks to Java Mama for sharing this adorable gift that any mom can cherish.

Thank you to all of you who entered our Mother’s Day contest – your ideas were great and we wish we could write about them all. Thanks to the judges and everyone who put their hard work into making this contest a success!