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Mother’s Day Your Way Contest – Best Tutorials

June 6, 2013
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Handmade gifts are well-known to be meaningful treasures, and we have a list of the best tutorials under $25 from our Mother’s Day contest here so that you can make easy and handmade presents as well! From fingerprint pendants to fabric flower corsages, each of our best tutorial mentions here have given us a creative insight into crafting unique presents for mothers. Get your crafting gears grinding and take a look at these wonderful tutorials!

Mama’s Little Treasures

mamas*little*treasures – “Mother’s Day Your Way Contest”

Just a handful of scrapbook paper, a bundle of ribbons and lace, and other quirky and chic decorations are all it takes to create mamas*little*treasures banner! Whether for Grandma or Mom, this banner is a country chic gift with a vintage twist. mamas*little*treasures provides a tutorial on how to create this decorative banner. If you’re thinking about making a handmade greeting card, think again and try out this embellished banner as a Mother’s Day present!

Stampin’ & Scrappin’ With Stasia

Stampin’ & Scrappin’ With Stasia – “NerdWallet’s Mother’s Day Your Way Contest”

If your beloved mother is a huge scrapbooker, then make her a personalized scrapbook page with Stampin’ & Scrappin’ With Stasia’s tutorial! This tutorial shows how you can create a scrapbook page with a favored photo of your mother, you, and your siblings or any other photo that centers around your mother. With punched-out scallop circle shapes, lacy ribbons, adorable buttons, and other embellishments, you can craft a fabulous addition to your mother’s family scrapbook. Stampin’ & Scrappin’ With Stasia also shares how you can find different embellishments for your scrapbook page in this blog post.

Precocious Paper

Precocious Paper – “Mother’s Day Corsage – Epiphany Crafts”

Tessa Buys from Precocious Paper shares a flower corsage tutorial that she’s been making for her mother and mother-in-law every year for a few years already! Made with decorative and feminine fabrics, these corsages are eye-catching accessories that can go with a special Sunday or Mother’s Day outfit. With Epiphany Crafts’ tools, Tessa Buys is able to create these darling corsages for a handmade Mother’s Day present. What’s wonderful about this tutorial is that you can choose any kind of fabric you want, so casually and sneakily ask what your mom is wearing for Mother’s Day and choose the fabric for the flowers accordingly!

Economical Mommy

Economical Mommy – “A Mother’s Day Keepsake – Handprint Collage”

Save a trip to Hallmark and create your own Mother’s Day card with your children with Economical Mommy’s handprint collage tutorial! This is super fun and messy activity that you can do with your kids and create a colorful and meaningful Mother’s Day gift for Grandma. With a blank stretched canvas, any color paint, and eager little hands, get your children to create a heart-shaped collage with their hands on the canvas. After create the heart collage, write your children’s name at the bottom along with the date and a simple yet loving Mother’s Day message!

Totally Love It

Totally Love It! – “DIY Wall Art For Mother’s Day”

From Totally Love It!’s blog post for Mother’s Day, you’ll find a cottage chic tutorial for a personalized, wooden wall art sign for Mom. With repurposed wood or store-bought wood, stencils, paint, and other tools, Totally Love It! shows you how to create this easy and decorative sign that Mom can have forever on her fireplace mantel, kitchen, or anywhere else she desires! It’s definitely a twist to the usual, paper-made greeting card. This wooden wall art can also be a great prop for Mother’s Day brunch.

The Crafty Crow

The Crafty Crow – “Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Fingerprint Pendant”

When babies are born, a traditional yet special moment is when parents get to save their babies’ handprints and footprints on special documents and papers, t-shirts, and other places. With The Crafty Crow’s tutorial, you can create a mobile momento of yourself to give to your mother for Mother’s Day. This tutorial presents an easy, polymer clay based fingerprint pendant that takes very little time and very few materials to create. Another way you can use this tutorial is to create fingerprint ornaments with your whole family for Mother’s Day and decorate the house with them.

Retrospect Realm

Retrospect Realm – “A Great Mother’s Day Gift For Under $25”

If you have a huge family of siblings, then get together and create Retrospect Realm’s “Mother” photo sign for a Mother’s Day present! Inexpensive yet meaningful, you and your siblings can hold up letters to spell “Mother”, “Mom”, “ILY Mom”, or any other word or short phrase you’d like to spell out. This can also be done for small families, too; just repeat photos of each child as many times as necessary to spell out the word or phrase! With a photo frame, camera, and white posters, you can get very creative with this Mother’s Day gift project.

eleventh monkey

Eleventh Monkey – “Mother’s Day My Way”

Technology may seem like an impersonal present or object, but to Eleventh Monkey’s writer, Louana, it’s how she connects with her mother, who lives in Netherlands, everyday, through their treasured iPhones. With so many iPhone cases, you can personalize and give your iPhone personality, and that’s what Louana has done for her mother on Mother’s Day! Since Louana’s mother adores cows, she handcrafted a cutesy and quirky cow iPhone case as a precious gift to her mama. Personal and protective, this is a one of a kind present that is made from the heart, a perfect way to send a gift to mothers!

Thank you to all our winners, judges, and other participants for making NerdWallet’s Best Mother’s Day Present Under $25 Contest such a great one!