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Mother’s Day Your Way Contest – Most Thoughtful Gifts

June 12, 2013
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There are countless Mother’s Day gift ideas, but the best presents come from the heart. From NerdWallet’s Mother’s Day Contest, we chose the most thoughtful Mother’s Day presents that blog writers have shared with us through our contest. Check out these incredibly written blog posts that express what motherhood is all about and how you can celebrate it!

Jen Norton Art Studio – “Love Is Patient…” 

For the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, Jen Norton from Jen Norton Art Studio shares her original artwork that depicts a strong and necessary trait to motherhood: patience. Through Jen Norton’s post, she describes the importance of motherhood, from the comfort mothers give to the creativity that they use to brighten up a home. In a world lacking of motherhood empowerment, Jen reminds us that we should honor our mothers as the best teachers in our lives. Rather than teaching geometry or European history, they teach us how to carry ourselves with grace, comfort with kindness, discover more of ourselves through creativity, and live our lives in peace — a timeless treasure that we’d carry throughout life. Instead of a Mother’s Day greeting card that would sit in a drawer after being read once or a fancy, velvet box of expensive jewels, Jen shows us through her post that you can give your mother a wonderful present by honoring the lessons you’ve learned from her.

My Overthinking – “What I Really Want For Mother’s Day” 

There are many Mother’s Day cards that say “Best Mom” on it somewhere, but what makes one the “best mom”? In My Overthinking’s blog post, Kelly, writer of My Overthinking, shares what she wants for Mother’s Day: A specific reason for why she’s a good mom. As mothers, whether new or experienced, there are always lessons to learn, no matter how small, through motherhood. Even though there may be rough times between mothers and their children or days where mothers want time to themselves rather than play, they are still there when scraped knees need to be bandaged or there to make snacks when their children are craving for a midnight treat. What makes your mother a good mom? Make a special and decorative list telling her the reasons why she’s a “good” mom or why she’s the “best” mom in your eyes and tape it on the fridge where she can see it everyday! Don’t forget to add a plate of homemade pancakes and a cup of coffee to sweeten up the present even more.

Endomental – “Best Mother’s Day Gift Under $25. It’s The Thought That Counts” 

Every mother understands the hectic lifestyle motherhood holds. Cleaning becomes an everyday chore due to toys, milk bottles, half-eaten baby food jars, and dirty clothes thrown everywhere in a home. Since cleaning is what most mothers do to keep their home environments easy to live in, Endomental describes the perfect Mother’s Day present: waking up to a clean home. Like taking in fresh breath of air, this gift is free and thoughtful because the family took the initiative to make Mom happy and clean the house for her. Endomental’s writer describes that a clean home, where she doesn’t have to clean it,  is a stress-reducer and the perfect present for her. Even if it’s just one chore, such as doing the laundry, do a little cleaning for your mother instead of spending time online or in a store finding a gift for her!

The Rebel Housewife – “Happy Mother’s Day! Under $25” 

On Mother’s Day, you can do the cleaning for your mother to give her extra time to do what she wants. You can get her those pair of pumps she’s been drooling over. You can get her a simple bouquet of vibrant flowers to brighten up a home. There are many gifts you can give your mother on this special day, and Sherri of The Rebel Housewife blog gives the whole picture between material gifts and no-shrinking-my-wallet-yet-super-thoughtful presents. From gourmet chocolates to bookstore gift cards, Sherri shares a concise, top-five pick of physical gifts you can give your mother that she can indulge in. Then, Sherri presents ideas, from spending the day teaching your mother how to use technology to expressing simple yet meaningful appreciation for all she’s done, that you can do without spending a dime. Through Sherri’s post, we’re reminded that special events, such as Mother’s Day, don’t have to be luxurious or filled with richness. Taking the time out of your busy schedule and telling your mother how much you love and appreciate her is all it takes to put a smile on her face!

Stockholm Expat – “My $25 Mother’s Day Present” 

Your mom may have cooked for you nearly everyday of your childhood, so switch roles with her and cook for her on Mother’s Day instead, just like Stockholm Expat’s writer did! Stockholm Expat’s writer is based in Sweden and shares the Swedish culture, especially the cuisine, with their mother through traditional dishes. Stockholm Expat discusses the celebration of summer in Sweden, which is short-lived, and shares a refreshing and light Swedish recipe that they made for their mother. A homemade meal infused with Swedish traditions and culture is a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day! You can try Stockholm Expat’s recipe to give your mother a different dish to try for an adventurous Mother’s Day present or choose another culture’s cuisine to try.

Since You Asked… – “Mother’s Day 2013” 

With so many gift options to choose from for Mother’s Day, it’s easy to get distracted from the simple presents that make for a timeless and sentimental reminder of your love for your mother. In Dawn’s post on her blog, Since You Asked, she shares ones of her beloved presents from her eldest daughter: a photo of her and her eldest daughter on the night of her daughter’s junior prom. At first glance, it looks like two stunning ladies in fancy dresses and accessories. But, to Dawn, the photo serves as a precious memory of her and her daughter looking through celebrity gowns and fabrics to create her daughter’s one-of-a-kind prom dress rather than picking out a dress on a rack in a department store. If you have a busy schedule and can only take half an hour to see your mother on Mother’s Day and give her a gift, make a gift that reminds her of a time when you both spent oodles of time together — that’ll make up for not spending all day with her! – Un regalo de película, para una mamá de película
(Translation Link: “A Movie Gift For A Movie Mom”) 

Open a bag of freshly popped, buttered popcorn, lean back into a comfy chair, and check out Teresa Garza’s movie presents she bought for her mother! Teresa Garza, from, writes about her and her mother’s love of films. Because of this, Teresa saw the opportunity to send her mother two films that displayed mother-daughter relationships at its best: Terms of Endearment and Steel Magnolias. These popular 80s movie are paired with four sentimental photos, in collage form, of Teresa and her mother that depicted them together in special moments, such as a birthday trip to Disneyland. A fabulous pair of mother-daughter movies and a personal touch of photos makes this a touching and thoughtful Mother’s Day present for under $25.

The Laine List – “The Best Mother’s Day Gift: My Children” 

There are the amazing parts of being a mother: seeing your children grow, learning about their personality quirks, making their favorite foods and seeing them smile while they munch away, and watching them learn are just a few of the timeless memories you’ll always treasure. However, motherhood can also be a hard job to handle. As said in Elaine’s post on The Laine List, there’s the discipline, the sibling arguments to stop, the endless planning of meals and activities, and other overwhelming tasks that comes with motherhood. Even though Elaine outlines the reality of motherhood, she also describes that, despite all the ups and downs, the love between her and her children always remains, growing everyday. An absolutely, one-of-a-kind gift that can’t always be given so freely is a gift Elaine receives from her children everyday, making it the perfect Mother’s Day and lifelong present.

We, from NerdWallet, would like to thank all our entries that have been chosen as the Most Thoughtful, along with our judges and other participants, for entering and being a part of our contest!