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Mother’s Day Your Way Contest Runner Ups

June 6, 2013
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Although judges have chosen first place winners for the following categories, many entries were just too great, so we have a list of runner ups for each category in NerdWallet’s Mother’s Day contest! Three runner ups are listed under each category with a summary of their creative Mother’s Day entries. Congratulations to our runner ups and we hope you can find one of these Mother’s Day gift ideas one to keep in the mind for next year!

Best Overall Runner Ups

Alex Nguyen Portraits – “Origami Flowers and Kusudama Balls”

Many know origami as the popular Japanese paper folding art. From cranes to hearts, origami can be folded in various different shapes and made with all types of paper products, from scrapbook paper to dollar bills. For Mother’s Day, inspired by a simple paper folding hobby with her children, Alex Nguyen presents a DIY project for origami flowers formed into kusudama balls. Instead of a withering bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day, Alex Nguyen and her children created a bundle of origami flowers for her mother for an everlasting and whimsical present.

fa fo fi – “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

On fa fo fi’s blog post for Mother’s Day gift ideas, you can find a variety of classic gift items that have a personal twist to them. From monogram necklaces to framed vintage magazine covers, fa fo fi’s Mother’s Day gift choices are infused with loving thoughts about her own mother and makes it friendly for others to choose as gifts for their mothers as well. If that’s not enough, check out the delicious looking chocolate cake, too! At the end of fa fo fi’s blog post, Justine emphasizes the importance of expressing kindness to mothers, no matter how rocky a relationship might be.

Jen X ‘67 – “The Best Mother’s Day Present Is All Heart”

Although it  might not be a conventional Mother’s Day present, Jennifer of Jen X ‘67 suggests a wonderful gift-from-the-heart (literally!): a free heart screening for your mother. Due to unfortunate and unpredicted cardiovascular issues with Jennifer’s own mother, a heart screening became the best present to give to mothers everywhere — and it’s free! Jennifer suggests searching for free heart screenings at local health fairs or hospitals, and even cites a few of these resources in her post itself. Don’t be unpleasantly surprised by a creeping heart condition – the best Mother’s Day present might just be many, many more Mother’s Days.


Best Recipe Runner Ups

Beautiful Living – “The Perfect Mother’s Day”

Give your mother something to indulge in during Mother’s Day brunch with Beautiful Living’s blog writer, Kimberly’s banana bread muffins! With these savory muffins, from Kimberly’s grandmother, fill noses with the delicious aroma of baked goods on Mother’s Day and give your mother a rest from cooking, reminding her of the love and appreciation you have for her. Add a bouquet of flowers, handmade cards, and a massage to these scrumptious muffins for an even more decadent experience.

Frankly, My Dear… – “Mother’s Day Frittata”

From Frankly, My Dear’s own kitchen, a savory Italian frittata was born and dubbed the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast, lunch, or dinner dish! Molly Jo, writer for Frankly, My Dear, has given her special recipe for her Mother’s Day Frittata. Due to the versatility that frittatas allow, Molly Jo encourages creativity with ingredients when making this special frittata for Mother’s Day. Whether for a gathering of gal pals who are mothers or a simple family brunch, this Italian frittata will be the star of the show!

Pint-sized Treasures – “Juicy Hamburger Steaks” 

Your budget not allowing you to take your mother out to dinner at a fancy-smancy restaurant? Try Pint-sized Treasures’ hamburger steaks for Mother’s Day dinner! Alison, writer of Pint-sized Treasures, presents this hearty meal with homemade onion rings, inspired by a Thailand-based cuisine. This is a fabulous dish to make if you have leftover ground beef, onions, or just want a simple and easy-on-the-wallet meal for Mother’s Day. Pair this delicious dish with a small bowl of soup or salad, mashed potatoes or baked potatoes, and green beans for a fulfilling entree!


Best Experience Runner Ups

Inspired Soul – “Mother’s Day Picnic”

Mother’s Day is celebrated during the spring, so it’s the perfect time for an outdoor event, such as a picnic. Inspired Soul gives an informative and creative list on how to have a fabulous Mother’s Day picnic! From where to have a picnic to what to bring to a picnic, Inspired Soul has outlined these elements to aid in picnic planning. You can give your mother a new purse or necklace, but make it even more meaningful by spending the day with her and having a picnic!

Intentional Steward – “Seeds & Stories: Mother’s Day Your Way for Under $25”

If gardening is a favorite pastime for your mother, then Intentional Steward’s Mother’s Day gift idea is a wonderful way to help your mother enjoy her hobby even more! Even if your mother has never been a gardener, this is still a great, springtime gift for Mother’s Day. As Sean, the writer behind Intentional Steward, suggests, buy seed packets and, whether on a tag or a taped piece of paper, write or draw out a fond memory you have with your mother. It’s a thoughtful and heartwarming way to remind your mother of one of your favorite memories with her every time she tends to the seeds in her garden!

Mud Pies for Mommy – “Coming Soon…”

What better way to spend Mother’s Day than passing down a beloved family tradition? Mud Pies for Mommy shares a merry story about growing up with a father who taught gardening and having a garden to tend to every year throughout the writer’s childhood years. A whole day spent with the family out in the garden and passing on the knowledge of gardening the writer inherited from her father to her own children is the perfect way to enjoy Mother’s Day, while reliving her own childhood and feeling her father’s spirit in her.


Best Craft/DIY Runner Ups

Claudine Hellmuth – “Thank Mom For All The Meals She Has Cooked!”

Most mothers are known for their irresistible homemade cooking and no one can ever beat it! Present your dedicated Chef Mama with Claudine Hellmuth’s printable retro ovens! These ovens come in five different colors and are super easy to put together. The oven door provides a cupcake holder for your mother’s favorite cupcake or you can add other little gifts, such as bracelets or gift cards, inside the oven. It’s a fabulous alternative from regular gift wrapping and bagging! You can find this retro oven printables at Claudine Hellmuth’s Etsy shop and find other adorable printables there as well.

Pea of Sweetness – “DIY Mother’s Day Gift”

There’s no need to send Mom to an expensive spa resort when you can create a homemade scrub for her to enjoy right at home! Pea of Sweetness writer, Emilee, presents a DIY recipe for a fragrant (thanks to essential oils) and soothing sea salt scrub that you can make in a jiffy. If you’re pressed for time and tight on budget, this is a go-to recipe for a thoughtful gift and ingredients are usually regular household or kitchen items that you can find lying around. If you have an extra and pretty container collecting dust on a counter or shelf, use it for this relaxing sea salt scrub!

Small for Big – “DIY Printable Children’s Book”

What mothers want to do most of all on Mother’s Day is spend time with their families! Small for Big’s printable children’s book is a great way to bond with young children and also a unique Mother’s Day present. Made by Mari Richards, writer for Small for Big, this colorful and serene book answers curious children’s questions about Mother Nature. The pages of this adorable book are sprinkled with poetic words to help children understand Mother Nature’s presence. On Small for Big’s blog post, you’ll find directions and download links to this precious book! Make it for friends and family who are mothers or make it for your own children so that you can read it to them on Mother’s Day. Mother Nature is a mother, too, so celebrate her as well!


Best Purchase Runner Ups

Fancy Function – “The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift”

Paintings and nature photos can fill up bare walls in homes, but what’s even more personal and special are photos of family and close friends, sprinkled on walls and tables! Fancy Function has shared a creative way to display timeless photos for under $25: Use Kanvess, a photo printing company for Instagram pictures, to print out photos for 25 cents each. You can create heart-shaped collages or photo garlands to hang on a fireplace mantel — there are countless ways to utilize Kanvess’ program to give Mom a heartfelt present. Printed in 3×3-inch squares, these photos are the perfect size to create collages in many different styles or even create postcards and greeting cards with them!

Good Girl Style – “Mother’s Day Gift Idea”

Good Girl Style writer, Natalie, introduces a longer lasting and low maintenance alternative to flowers — air plants! These plants absorb moisture from the air to stay lively and blooming, perfect for mothers who are busy or don’t have the magic green thumb. Air plants come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, adding its own quirky and artistic traits, which makes it a truly unique present for mothers. This refreshing and burst of green is a wonderful way to decorate a kitchen window or side table. Joining an air plant and a sea urchin – a combo not usually found in nature – is a gorgeous way to bring diversity to the home.

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse – “A Magical Mother’s Day”

Disney is a world-renowned name and magic is always associated with it along with Mickey Mouse ears! Magical Mouse Schoolhouse writer, Jodi, presents Disney’s Mickey Mouse photo frame as a simple yet smile-inducing gift for mothers. Perfect for framing recent vacations to Disney World or Disneyland or a beloved family photo, this photo frame can hold a 4×6 photo in a protective acrylic frame. Jodi’s blog post allows readers to think outside the box for Mother’s Day presents since even Disney has fabulous finds for Mother’s Day!


We from NerdWallet would like to thank our first place winners, runner ups, judges, and other entries for participating in our best Mother’s Day gift contest!