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Best of Indie Spotlight: Capricorn Zodiac Birthday Gifts

Jan. 16, 2013
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So for your special someone, the Zodiac is their astrological Bible, there’s only one problem – What to get them?! Capricorns are an especially unique brand of human being, with so many distinctive qualities they’re easy to love, but surely sometimes hard to please. The Capricorn is strong, independent, disciplined, persistent, and even a little stubborn. They know what they want, when they want it, and exactly how to get it. However they have a soft side too! Capricorns are very caring individuals, who strive for the best in whatever they do, and whoever they attach to. Most Capricorns marry for life! With great determination, and a caring thoughtful, but strong willed mindset, the best gifts for Capricorns are ones that empower, organize, and help them get whatever project they’re surely partaking in, done to its highest standard. And if you’re trying to tug on their heartstrings without loosening your purse strings too much, this is the place to be. Check out these Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Capricorns!

Riverwalk Designs - Capricorn Pendant

Capricorn Zodiac Constellation Astrology Pendant Necklace
By Riverwalk Designs

Who doesn’t love a good accessory? This unique and artistically handcrafted pendant features the Astrological Zodiac sign for Capricorns (because maybe your loved one isn’t all that into walking around with a mountain goat around their neck.) This low-price, high- quality item is sure to please any Capricorn with its whimsical design and healthy flow, this piece definitely appeals more to the dreamy and ambitious side to the Capricorn. It’s sure to empower and even more likely to impress. Not to mention, Capricorns know who they are, and are proud to share it, why not state it loudly and proudly with this sophisticated stylish piece, and for under ten dollars!

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Glass Cameo Ring 14K Rolled Gold The Goat
By Cameo Jewelry Art

Capricorn men especially are strong and determined. They spend more time working hard so that their futures are secure and unbridled. Organizational gifts are perfect for the Capricorn man but, just incase you can’t afford that spiffy new iPad, Blackberry,  or laptop – you might want to try appealing to the artistic side of the Capricorn man. Women aren’t the only people with a taste for high quality jewelry. Capricorn men are especially in tune with well made, high quality accessories. If it’s a themed gift you’re thinking of, this hand crafted subtle yet elegant glass Capricorn Zodiac themed ring is the perfect accessory. It subtle tones speak volumes to tranquility and strength and you can be sure he’ll love the carefully constructed quality.

Cameo Jewelry Art - Capricorn Cameo Ring
I Prefer Vintage - Capricorn Candle Holder

Capricorn Candle Holder
By I Prefer Vintage

The artistic side of Capricorns is often a strange, strongly stated, unafraid one. If the person you happen to be buying for is into home decor, and let’s their personality shine through mostly anything they do, then this next gift idea is one for you. The Capricorn Candle Holder is elegantly handcrafted and is the perfect accessory to any room. Bringing ambiance to a bedroom, bathroom, or living room is easy and beautiful with this product. Your Capricorn is sure to appreciate such a thoughtful and stunning decor gift. Perfect for dinner parties, special occasions, or just astrological moonlighting.

Capricorn Zodiac Necklace
By Freya Jewelry

This creative piece is sure to delight any astrological thrill seeker. Another stunning piece of jewelry centered around the Capricorn Zodiac, this punched metal constellation piece is truly unique and eye catching. The best part about this particular piece is that it’s uni-sex and although truly inspired, is very subtle in it’s presentation. Repurposed metal is formed and embellished with the markings for the astrological placement of the stars that make up the Capricorn constellation. Each fitted with either a gold or silver durable chain, these pieces are perfect gifts for any occasion and will make a birthday wish come true with ease.

Freya Jewelry - Capricorn Necklace

Zodiac Lolipop Edible Art
By Designer Lolipop

This next gift idea definitely appeals to the sweet side of your ever persistent Capricorn. Good art is one thing, good food is another, but put them together and what have you got? These super adorable, ultra stylized Zodiac sign Lollipops! A sweet treat for a quick dollar that will make the perfect accessory gift, party bag stuffer, or even a special occasion regular. Available in all Zodiac symbols, why not customize a pack of both you and your loved one’s signs for a bond like no other, a bond formed in delicious sweets! These simple sweets are fun, and unique, and don’t forget entirely edible! Check out these, and this Etsy store owner’s entire store for many other sweet treats and Zodiac themed treasures!

Zodiac Sign Embossed Leather Bound Travel Diary
By Genuine Goods 786

Capricorns are all about staying on top of things, and in this day and age a personal planner is a simple but oh-so-helpful gift to bestow. Really, any organizational planner will do, Capricorns have big jobs, big dreams, and a whole lot of work to get there – but for that extra kick check out these personalized Zodiac Planners. Beautifully embellished and leather bound, these are the perfect travel planner, sketchbook, or even personal diary. The rustic feel gives them a unique edge on the paper bound competition too!

GenuineGoods786 - Leather Diary
Capricorn Caves Tours

Capricorn Cave Tours and Packages
By Capricorn Caves

So you’re feeling super duper, extra especially, lovey dovey this time of year. You want to get that special someone of yours something as sweet and stunning as they are. Well, you’re dating a Capricorn so chuck out those flowers and strap on your hiking boots for a trip to Capricorn Caves. Nothing says “I Love You,” like a trip to a secluded cave named specifically for the guest of honor! Capricorns love a challenge, and exploring the vast mysteries of these beautiful caves and landscapes is just the thing to satisfy them, (I mean, come on their sign is a Mountain Goat, this one is a no brainer!) With a plethora of different tours offered, and so much to explore, you’ll definitely want too check out Capricorn Caves if it’s a romantic birthday date you’ve got in mind. Not to mention the super affordable price!

 CamelBack Backpack
By Back Country

Capricorns are adventurers, they seek challenge and physical activity. Now whether you get dragged along to that is a different story, but just incase, why not play it safe with some of Back Country’s quality hiking, camping, and outdoor equipment? Plan a getaway camping vacation with this affordable and high quality hiking and camping gear. Send him off for a week with the boys in a pair of pristine survival grade hiking boots. Grab up some extra soft sleeping bags and go for a backyard family camp out with your adventurous little ones. Any way you look at it, everyone could use a little more adventure in their lives, so why not indulge your Capricorn and take a hike? Check out these premium accessories.

Back Country - CamelBack Back Pack

There are many sides to the Capricorn, some witty, some playful, some stubborn, and some truly interesting. If you’re stumped on what to get your special someone this year for their birthday, and don’t want to go the traditional route, check out this article and these amazing products for a head start on where to start your holiday shopping. Good Luck, and Good Aura!

Written by Stefany Noling, a freelance writer and contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.