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Best of Indie Spotlight: Celebrate Fourth of July

July 3, 2013
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Although Independence Day was declared to be on July 4th of every year since 1941, the celebration of liberty has been handed down through centuries since 1776. Whether community picnic gatherings or parades and festivals, Fourth of July festivities have been a tradition in the U.S. and keeps growing every year into more elaborate celebrations. With those celebrations, there are always decorations, clothing, costumes, and other elements to help people feel a part of them, so we’ve compiled a list to honor this patriotic day in several categories. From accessories to event decor, transform this Fourth of July into one that’s filled with delicious treats and more from Etsy artisans! These handmade items can also be turned into great Fourth of July gifts for friends and family. Not only is the Fourth of July a day to share with close friends and family members, but it is also a day for gratitude — gratitude for our Founding Fathers and the courageous people who continue to fight for the U.S.A. ‘til this day. With the help of any of the items listed, create your own memorable Fourth of July this year!

Celebrate Independence With Accessories!

Beaded American Flag Hoop Pendant Necklace
By JPJ Beaded

Sparkle like the stars on the American flag with JPJ Beaded’s U.S.A. flag hoop pendant necklace! This hoop pendant is made with glossy glass beads in the classic red, white, and blue colors. JPJ Beaded’s beaded hoop pendant is connected to a lengthy, silver chain of 33’’, making it a trendy accessory.

Red, White & Blue Gingham Styled Scarf
By The Freckled Yarn

Pair this red, white, and blue gingham styled scarf from The Freckled Yarn with a classic white tank top and blue jeans for a summery, patriotic look! Quirky and stylish, this gingham styled scarf is a fabulous, statement accessory to enhance simple outfits. Made with light cotton material, you can layer this scarf on during hot summer days! The Freckled Yarn’s scarf measures 6’’ x 13’’, but you can request for a longer scarf.

Red, White & Blue Lego Cufflinks
By Bits And Badges

Stay nerdy on Independence Day with Bits And Badges’ red, white, and blue Lego cufflinks! These cufflinks are made in patriotic colored Lego pieces, and the blue and white Lego plates are easily removable for you to switch up colors or just have the red Lego plate on the cufflink. Whether for a gift or trinket keepsake, you can purchase a $5.95 black Lego gift box from Bits And Badges for these nerdy cufflinks!

4th of July Flower Baby Headband
By Baby Bloomz Boutique

Give your darling baby this adorable, patriotic headband from Baby Bloomz Boutique! This headband is made with three fabric flowers in traditional July 4th colors. The flowers are attached to a comfortable elastic band, perfect for sensitive skinned babies. Whether for as a July 4th photo prop or as a gift for favorite, little niece, Baby Bloomz Boutique’s headband is a cutesy and decorative accessory for Independence Day!

Red, White, and Blue Sweets & Treats

Set of Four Fourth of July Lollipops
By Sweet Caroline Confections

Enjoy tasty and sweet lollipops from Sweet Caroline Confections this Fourth of July! Sweet Caroline Confections’ Fourth of July lollipops are made with edible confetti and glitter, which makes these mouthwatering treats double up as ornamental party decor or favors. The lollipop sticks are tied with a dainty ribbon in blue or red for an added patriotic appearance. You can choose your own flavors for these lollipops from Sweet Caroline Confections’ collection!

Fourth of July Popcorn Seasoning
By Dell Cove Spice Company

Instead of regular corn on the cob for a Fourth of July eating event, season popcorn with taste bud tingling spices from Dell Cove Spice Company! This set of eight popcorn seasonings allows you to choose eight different popcorn seasonings you’d like to have in your pantry or allow Dell Cove Spice Company to choose the most popular spices for you. With organic and high quality ingredients, Dell Cove Spice Company’s mouthwatering popcorn seasoning spices won’t be in your pantry for long!

Fourth of July Cake Pop Platter
By The New York Cakepoppery

Add The New York Cakepoppery’s Fourth of July cake pop platter to your July 4th party this year! This platter has 50 cake pops that create an image of the American flag. Who knew the American flag could be so deliciously edible? Contact The New York Cakepoppery for cake pop flavors!

Star Shaped Crust Cherry Pie In A Jar
By Let Them Eat Pie

Celebrate America’s Independence Day the American way with a classic cherry pie in a jar from Let Them Eat Pie! Let Them Eat Pie’s cherry pie in a jar is a quaint and indulgent way to honor Independence Day. Baked with a crunchy crust and gooey cherry filling, this pie in a jar makes for a delicious dessert after a July 4th BBQ or picnic! The star shaped crust also makes this a fitting treat for the Fourth of July. Let Them Eat Pie also has several flavors of pies in jar, so take a tour through the shop!

4th of July Home Decor

Blue & White Star Table Runner
By Cayson Designs

Give your dining table a July 4th makeover with Cayson Designs’ blue and white star table runner! Extending to 108 inches, this table runner also creates a nice layout for picnic tables. Pair this blue and white star table runner up with red roses for an enhanced patriotic appearance in your home this Fourth of July!

American Flag Pillow
By Shop: Jenni Lyons 81

Switch out your usual chair and couch pillows with Jenni Lyons 81’s flag pillow! Designed with an American flag, this flag pillow makes for a truly patriotic July 4th decor for your home. This 12’’ x 24’’ pillow creates a comfy and festive element that you can place in your home year round!

Patriotic Paper Flower Bouquet
By Scrappuchino

Refresh your home with professionally made paper flowers from Scrappuchino! Scrappuchino has created a flower bouquet just for the Fourth of July and formed 12 delightful paper flowers in American flag colors. You can choose green or silver 10-inch stems for these paper flowers at Scrappuchino. Since these are paper flowers, they’ll never wither, and you can use them as home decor every year for the Fourth of July!

Fourth of July BBQ & Picnic Decor

4th of July Reversible Burlap Banner
Sawdust Market

Set the mood for July 4th picnics with Sawdust Market’s cottage chic burlap banner! With glitter red, white, and blue stars on one side and “SUMMER” in light turquoise on the other side, this banner becomes a reversible and versatile decor item for July 4th and summer parties. Each flag and design on the burlap banner has been sealed to protect from fraying and fading.

Paper Pom Poms
By Pom Garden

Whether you’re having an indoor Fourth of July luncheon or picnic, transform any venue with Pom Garden’s tissue paper pom poms! With Pom Garden’s “Choose Your Colors” listings, you can pick out July 4th’s colors to give your event a patriotic feel. You can find different paper pom quantity sets at Pom Garden’s main shop profile. Fun and festive, these tissue paper pom poms create a pop of color and patriotic pride in any room. Contact Pom Garden to request different sizes for these pom poms!

Set of Six Fourth of July Napkin Rings
By Efi Warsh

Add a pop of color to plain, white napkins with Efi Warsh’s 4th of July napkin rings! With the coordinating colors of red, white, and blue, these napkin rings are a fabulous addition to any Independence Day event. Formed with polymer clay, Efi Warsh’s napkin rings are created with quality materials and protected with glaze. The stars are embellished with rhinestones for a bit of sparkle at the table!

Fourth of July Star Decal Mason Jars
By Bittersweet Lemonade

Whether it’s lemonade or Kool-Aid, make the Fourth of July celebration fun and refreshing with Bittersweet Lemonade’s mason jars! These mason jars are decorated to represent the Fourth of July, making it a decorative and useful element to any July 4th event. Each mason jar has a BPA-free straw that you can reuse over and over again! Instead of plastic cups, stay eco-friendly with Bittersweet Lemonade’s mason jars. Bittersweet Lemonade provides various quantity sets for mason jars, so check out the main shop profile for more options!

Patriotism doesn’t have to be only for the Fourth of July — you can honor it every day of the year. Hang up an American flag on your front door or perhaps a red, white, and blue wreath instead. Indulge in classic American cuisines, from creamy potato salad to apple pie. Always appreciate the freedom and liberty that was fought for! Happy Fourth of July!

Written by Emily Nguyen, a freelance writer and core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.