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Best of Indie Spotlight: Nerdy Halloween Edition

Sept. 20, 2012
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When Storm Troopers and Super Heroes reign supreme, Halloween is the perfect time to let your inner geek out. We’ve all had those dreams growing up where you can’t help but think, Life would be so much cooler if I was a Ninja Turtle or a Super Mario Brother. On Halloween, you can be whoever you want and dress the way that makes you happy and indulge in nerdy fantasies. No more hiding behind suits and dress shirts to fit in with the crowd. Be bold and creative in showcasing your nerdy fun quirky side with these handmade costumes and props. Here are our best Indie Nerdy Halloween finds this week:

Darth Vader Star Wars Leather Mask
by La Máscara Emboscada
at Etsy

Handmade in Argentina, this hand tanned and painted leather Darth Vader mask adds even more awesome to your Darth Vader get up. Leather is more infinitely more appealing than those cheap plastic masks at your corner party chain store. La Máscara Emboscada custom makes each mask to order so it’ll be a perfect fit for you or your kid.

Wookie in my Pocket
by Love & A Sandwich
at Etsy

“Hey, what’s that furry thing in your pocket?” “Oh that’s my pet Wookie.” Haunt the night with your own adorable Wookie for protection or use it to woo your star princess. Chelsea of Love & A Sandwich sews these little guys by hand and by machine. I don’t know how she can let them go because they are so cute.

Skyrim Helm Hat Crochet Helmet
by CutieHats
at ArtFire

Charge into battle like a Viking and defeat the dragon prophesied to destroy the world with this Skyrim Helm. This helmet will be specially crocheted just for you to fit your noggin. May it shield you from evil spells and clashing swords.

 Halloween Finger Puppet Set
by WeeKnit
at Etsy

Entertain your little ones with these Vampire, Mummy, Frankenstein, Pirate, and Ninja knitted finger puppets. The knitting on these finger puppets is so tiny and precise and the details are so well made. WeeKnit strives to create fun and imaginative toys to steer kids away from battery-operated ones.

 Bright Orange Luma Amigurumi Plush
by NerdJERK
at Etsy

Shoot for the stars and catch your own plush Luma to go with your Super Mario Bros costumes. From the Super Mario Galaxy world, this chubby cute Luma plush is hand-crocheted and will transform your Halloween from dull to stellar. Stephanie of NerdJERK is also having a sale right now on all her products to raise money for her wedding.

Crochet Flail Morning Star Weapon
by Tiny Bully
at ArtFire

Complete your war ensemble and battle against orcs and trolls with this Medieval Morning Star. Crocheted in yarn and stuffed with fluff, it’s soft and safe for kids to play fight with.

Legend of Zelda Headphones
by Ketchupize
at Big Cartel

Listen to your beats while showing off your Nintendo fandom with these Zelda headphones. Can you believe that these are hand-painted? The detailed painted by this artist based in Athens is really amazing. These headphones are the best way to rock out to your favorite tunes on the way to your Halloween parties.

Many of these finds are one of a kind and made to order so be sure to order you handmade Halloween accessories in time for Halloween October 31st! Best to decide on your purchases about three weeks before Halloween.