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Best of Indie Spotlight: Nerdy Valentine’s Day Gifts

Feb. 12, 2013
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Give Valentine’s Day a twist this year with awesomely nerdy gifts! You can settle for the traditional chocolates and perfume gift sets, but you can also take another path to Valentine’s Day gift-giving — just put your geeky mind into motion. What is a nerd, anyway? From the typical, pimply high school outcast to the super technology genius, a wide variety of nerd stereotypes surround us. The nerd we’re talking about today is one who is completely obsessed and passionate with any area of life, whether it’s animals, fashion, or science. For instance, if you’ve got an animal-obsessed nerd on your hands, take them to a zoo for a Valentine’s Day date. Got a fashion nerd in your life? Present them with new, personalized, and easy-to-carry sketch book for their clothing-creating urges. No matter what type of geek you have in your life, you can find a fabulous Valentine’s Day present that will delight them and spoil their nerdy tendencies.

Nerdy Cat Post Earrings
By Atomic Lace


Add a touch of nerdy chic with Atomic Lace’s nerdy cat post earrings! Atomic Lace creates their own artwork to make these adorable and quirky earrings. The super cute white kitty in these earrings is wearing oversized glasses for a darling nerdy appearance! Protecting this pair of precious white kittens is a layer of resin, which also gives it a shiny, appealing sheen.

Miniature Pokemon Habitat with Oddish
By Botaninko

From Pikachu to Charmander, the famed, childhood-favorite animation, Pokemon, is formed into a portable habitat made by Botaninko! Combined with gravel, moss, and soil, this miniature terrarium can be placed in a college dorm or in an office for a refreshing piece of nature. An Oddish Pokemon figurine and raw stone is added to create an animated terrarium for the nerdy, Pokemon lover in your life!

Librarian Multi-Colored Glasses Pocket Mirror
By Buttonlandia


Give the book nerd in your life a mini way to stay gorgeous all day long with Buttonlandia’s librarian inspired pocket mirror! Covered in a colorful array of glasses, this lovely pocket mirror becomes a chic and nerdy accessory to toss in your purse as you head out the door. At 2.25’’, this small, handheld mirror can be slipped into your pocket along with a tube of lip gloss for a quick touch-up.

Steampunk Mathematician Inspired Brass Cuff Bracelet
By Jezebel Charms


The brilliant Isaac Newton is famous for his mathematical discoveries, and those discoveries have now found their way on Jezebel Charms’ steampunk styled cuff bracelet! Math and science geeks will adore this brass cuff bracelet as it is printed with Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, allowing them to keep their nerdy nature and style. Jezebel Charms creates this steampunk cuff with an aged appearance for a vintage touch.

Damask Pattern Wooden Bow Tie Pin
By Havok Designs


Bring a new texture to dress shirt apparel with Havok Designs’ wooden bow tie pin! Speckled with a gothic-like, damask pattern, this one-of-a-kind bow tie adds a modern yet vintage twist to fancy attire. This laser cut wooden bow tie comes in two types of wood that you can choose from: cherry and maple. Pin this on your favorite nerd for a bold, geeky fashion statement!

Repurposed Superman Comic Bi-Fold Wallet
By SuperSock


Let one of the world renowned superheroes keep your cash secure and safe with SuperSock’s recycled superman comic wallet! This bi-fold, multipurpose wallet is made a collage of 8-10 pages of vintage comics and comic book ads from Toys R’ Us, attached together with crumpled packing tape for an environmentally conscious appearance. This wallet is roomy enough to fit more than five credit/debit and business cards. Perfect for your little boy or comic nerd buddy, this Superman bi-fold wallet is a useful and decorative gift for them on Valentine’s Day!

Neoprene Chemical Element Periodic Table “Nerdy” 15’’ Laptop Case
By Yellow Bug Boutique


Get your nerd on with Yellow Bug Boutique’s periodic table inspired laptop case! Spelled with the chemicals nitrogen, erbium, and dysprosium, “Nerdy” is displayed in chemical element form on this red or black (you choose!) 15’’ laptop case. Made with quality and cushiony neoprene wetsuit grade fabric, this laptop case will keep your laptop safe from harm so you can keep nerding on!

Light-Up Ghost USB Circuit Board Magnet
By Boardaments


Light up your special techie friend’s eyes with Boardaments’ ghost USB circuit board magnet! When plugged into a USB port, the ghost character’s eyes light up on the circuit board magnet. This fun and friendly ghost print is inspired from popular video games from the 80’s, giving this circuit board magnet a classic look. Use this board magnet to hold together important papers or even hold your place in a book!

PacMan Coffee Cozy Sleeve
By The Plaid Cupcake


PacMan is the ultimate, timeless game that has made many people’s childhood worthwhile. Have a close friend who’s super crazy about PacMan or just an avid gamer? Then present them with The Plaid Cupcake’s PacMan coffee cozy! Gamers can put their favorite energy or coffee drinks in this PacMan fabric-made cozy and pull as many gaming all-nighters as they want without losing the coolness or hotness of their favorite drinks. You can also use this geeky-chic coffee cozy on your way to work for an offbeat impression from your usual professional attire.

Lego Heart Necklace
By MoL Gifts


Present your nerdy Valentine with a quirky Lego heart necklace from MoL Gifts! As the most famed and popular building block set, Legos has been a classic kids’ game for many generations. Now you can enjoy them in heart-shaped form on Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart! MoL Gifts forms their Lego heart necklace by putting two Lego plates together and threads them with an 18’’ silver chain. The two Lego plates that form the heart is the clasp for this unique necklace. From navy blue to dark red, you can choose the perfect colors or matching colors for you and your partner. Bring back this kids’ classic and have a happy, nerdy Valentine’s Day!

Even when you have given your beloved nerd a Valentine’s Day gift, you can continue to indulge their geeky side with a nerd-themed day. From a Star Wars marathon to a comic or anime convention, you can find an entertaining and nerdy activity to show your love and appreciation for that special, loveable geek!

Written by Emily Nguyen, a freelance writer and core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.