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Best of Indie Spotlight: Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Feb. 13, 2013
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Moms and dads, take the time to give your little ones some lovin’ on Valentine’s Day, too! Just like Christmas, children love receiving gifts and treats, especially when Valentine’s Day is filled with yummy chocolates and finger-lickin’-good lollipops. Another delicious delicacy to feast on during this holiday is to present them with a plate full of fluffy, heart-shaped pancakes sprinkled with gooey chocolate chips at the breakfast table. You can also take them on a baking adventure after they come home from school, bake heart-shaped sugar cookies, and decorate them with colorful sprinkles and super sweet frosting! Add a bit of variety and top off these savory cookies with candy pieces they receive from classmates at school. Since many schools have Valentine’s Day parties for their kids, why not celebrate this love-filled holiday with your beloved children as well? Sweets and treats aren’t the only gifts you can give them and make them smile; fill their hearts with these fun and inventive creations from Etsy sellers!

Rainbow Counting Wooden Hearts
By Apples N’ Amos

Give your toddler a new set of building blocks with Apples N’ Amos’ rainbow counting wooden hearts! As an educational toy set based on the Waldorf and Montessori instructing fundamentals, your child will learn basic colors, count to 15, and develop their natural creativity. Apples N’ Amos’ wooden hearts can be used as a craft table decoration for your kids or you can discover a fun, unique game just for them to play. Painted with watercolor and sealed with beeswax polish, be sure to keep your wooden heart set away from children’s mouths and baths!

Valentine’s Day Plush Bunny
By The Fox in the Attic

Let your little one cuddle up with The Fox in the Attic’s plush bunny as you read them a bedtime story. Made from a smooth cotton fabric and stuffed with high quality polyester filling, your bundle of joy will adore having a pillowy companion during sleepy time to scare off the monsters in the closet and in their dreams. Embroidered with a big red heart, this plush bunny is a heartwarming gift for your little angel.

Little Lovie Pet Rock
By 906 East Chic

For just 3 for $1.00, you can give your child a long-lasting pet with 906 East Chic’s Little Lovie pet rocks! Whether for kids who are allergic to animals or if you’re wanting to teach your children how care for a pet before you get a dog or cat, these pet rocks make for a great substitute. Each three pet rock you receive will have a name and you’ll be giving feeding instructions and a blankie with your purchase. These googly eyed friends come in a variety of sparkling colors that suits your child’s personality and preference.

Red Personalized Valentine’s Day Mailbox
By Shop 24

Send your tot little gifts of love with Shop 24’s personalized Valentine’s Day mailbox! Place this outside your child’s door, and let them open their mailbox on the morning of Valentine’s Day for a surprise that’ll leave their mouths covered in chocolate and in a permanent smile. Shop 24’s mailbox is decorated with vinyl heart stickers and your child’s name will be shown on the side. You can also use this fun mailbox for birthday and other holiday presents, or just add a small card to remind your little lamb how special they are.

Roses Valentine Fairy Door
By Clayworks (by Kim Detmers)

Transform your child’s room into a mystical fantasy land with a Valentine inspired fairy door from Clayworks by Kim Detmers! Giving your child their own fairy portal will invite these enchanting creatures into your child’s room for a fantastical party. Artfully crafted with polymer clay, this darling fairy door is dotted with red roses and hearts for a playfully romantic appearance, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Install this fairy door in the corner of your little darling’s room for a secretive opening for fairies to come in!

Valentine’s Day Kids’ Metal Lunch Box
By Bebe Bilingual

Valentine’s Day is a celebration that many elementary schools indulge in to give their students a day to share treats with their classmates. Give your little one Bebe Bilingual’s Valentine’s Day lunch box to collect their goodies in! With a festive and kid-friendly design, this lunch box is an excellent and secure treat holder for your little cutie. Inside the lunch box, there’s a chalkboard panel that you can write secret, loving Valentine’s Day messages to them instead of on a napkin.

Showered With Love Rainbow Hearts Cloud Mobile
By Baby Jives Co.

Hang up a cloud of love in your toddler’s room with Baby Jives Co.’s rainbow hearts cloud mobile! The cloud and dropping rainbow hearts are handmade with various cotton fabrics, polyfill, and cotton floss. Each mobile comes with a set of instructions so that you can secure this adorable mobile in any desired area. Let in a little breeze to watch the magical love cloud twirl around in your child’s room!

Crayon Ammo Belt
By Jordan Dené

Keep your kids organized and feeling like a cool cat with Jordan Dené’s crayon ammo belt! This magnificent and innovative creation allows kids to keep their crayons close by if they ever have the urge to whip out their favorite coloring book and get creative. Whether on a long car ride to Disney World or going to a play date, your child will be equipped with their crayons wherever they go. Pair up this ammo belt with Jordan Dené’s own coloring book to get your kids’ creative gears grinding right when you receive it in the mail!

Two Pairs of Crocheted Barefoot Sandals
By Accessory Gallery by Lasunka

Wrap your little princess’ pretty feet in crocheted barefoot sandals from Accessory Gallery by Lasunka! These fairy-like barefoot sandals are made with soft cotton yarn and centered with a heart for a girly, Valentine’s Day look. With two pairs of these cutesy crocheted sandals, your precious angel gets a pair of dark red and light pink sandals that she can mix-and-match any time. Let her dance around in her favorite tutu or dress with these boho-chic barefoot sandals!

Oatmeal Vanilla Cookie Red Heart Hand Pocket Warmer
By Hartstringz

Give your kids something warm and homey to hold onto while they wait for the school bus! With Hartstringz’s oatmeal vanilla cookie scented, red heart pocket warmer, these make for a great Valentine’s Day gift for your children. Stuffed with a rice and bean mixture and infused with a comforting vanilla scent, Hartstringz’s hand pocket warmers are an eco-friendly, shabby-chic gift that brings a bit of your love and home with your kids.

You can create a second Christmas for your children by making or buying a plain stocking and letting them decorate them to their preference for Valentine’s Day. After all decorating has been done, you can put these stockings over the fireplace or on their bedroom door knob and stuff them with an assortment of goodies. It’ll be like waking up on Christmas morning and finding a stocking full of tasty treats and treasurable trinkets! Have a happy Valentine’s Day with your family this year!

Written by Emily Nguyen, a freelance writer and contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.