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Best of Indie Spotlight: Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pets

Feb. 13, 2013
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It’s the month of love, and as Valentine’s Day rolls around, make sure you don’t forget to show your pet some love as well! With a pet, a special bond is created and they become long-time friends and family members. Giving presents to your pets isn’t just for Christmas anymore, so celebrate Valentine’s Day with them as well! Check out these fabulous finds from various, unique sellers and give your cat and/or a special, love-filled holiday.

Dress Your Pet Up

Pink and Plaid Dog Shirt Collar and Bow Tie
By JalinaColon

Give your dog a cutesy makeover on Valentine’s Day with Jalina Colon’s dog collar and bow tie set! With this pink and white plaid design, it’s the perfect Valentine’s color combo for your precious, furry friend.

Custom Wood Pet Collar Charm Name Tag
By Cropscotch


Switch up your dog or cat’s tags with Cropscotch’s custom wood pet collar charm! Laser cut into high quality hardwood, you can have your pet’s name on these quirky tags for a personalized appearance. With a “Hello, my name is…” greeting, your pet will charm all your house guests!

Chrysocholla Healing Stone Pet Collar Charm
By The Healing Pet


Charm your furry pal with The Healing Pet’s healing pet collar charm! Infused with Reiki energy, The Healing Pet’s collar charm has a healing stone to help weight management and maintain blood sugar levels for a diabetic pet. 

Home Sweet Home

Wool Cat Cave
By Valva Nat


Make your curious kitty feel at home with Vava Nat’s one-of-a-kind cat cave! Crafted with 100% wool, your cat will enjoy diving into this cave’s opening and having a cozy place to nap in. Valva Nat shows buyers how cats love these caves with their own video and also displays their extensive knowledge on cats.

Great Dane Elevated Dog Feeder
By Modern Iron Works


  • Food is comfort to pets as well, so give your dog a grand feeder from Modern Ironworks! This specific, raised feeder is for Great Danes, however, Modern Ironworks also designs feeders for other pets. Carved with a darling heart on both sides of the feeder, this elegant dog feeder is a true Valentine’s Day present that displays your love for your doggie!

Cat Scratch Post, Kitty Condo, and Cat Perch All-In-One Furniture
By Cattino


Your cat will go crazy over Cattino’s cat scratcher, kitty condo, and cat perch furniture trio! This sleek and stylish cat furniture can be fit into any home decor and a major playset for your cat. With this innovative design, your kitty be able to do all their favorite activities in one place!

Cat Nip Cat Quilt
By Nancy Ellen Studios


Wrap your kitty in a catnip quilt from Nancy Ellen Studios! This colorful and whimsy quilt can transform into a toy and a cat nap area instantly. A small pouch of catnip is sewn in the layers of this cuddly quilt and is a special, surprise treat for your cat. 

Toy Box

Crocheted Sushi Catnip Toy
By Meowadays


Let your cat nibble on catnip-infused sushi from Meow-A-Days! With a three-piece, crocheted sushi set — including wasabi, sashimi, and a roll — your kitty can roll around and snack on these all day. Made with 100% organic catnip, your cat can have a healthy snack without any health-risking chemicals and preservatives.

Ethical Pet Spot Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Pet Toy
By Wag


Get your dog’s brain gears going with this fun and creative Seek-A-Treat shuffle bone from Ethical Pet Spot! This challenging puzzle helps your pet’s mental development and rewards them with a tasty treat when they find it. With ten places to hide treats and six sliding disks, your furry friend will have a blast with this puzzle.

Red Hibiscus Flower Wooden Wand Cat Teaser Toy
By Mima The Muse


Give your playful cat the thrill of a chase with Mima the Muse’s flower cat teaser! At the end of this wooden wand, your cat will find a delicate, felt hibiscus flower in eye-catching colors.

Clean-Up Time! 

Natural Dog Soap for Dogs with Sensitive Skin
By Dog Gone Dirt


Give your dog an invigorating and healthy bath with Dog Gone Dirt’s natural dog soap! Named Sensi-Dog, this soap is excellent for dogs who have sensitive skin. Made with enriching ingredients, your dog will begin to love baths with this soothing soap.

Heart-Shaped Synthetic Turf Pet Mat
By 7StyleGuides


Welcome your pet into the house with 7 Style Guides’ heart-shaped pet mat! This sturdy synthetic turf-based mat is perfect for your outdoorsy pets to do their business on and clean the dirt off their paws before they come inside. You can easily clean the mat with a hose and disinfectant, which is optional. It’s heart-shaped, too, and is a fabulous Valentine’s gift for your beloved pet!

Beige Bones Petite Pet Toy Box
By Jakey BB


Teach your dog how to clean up after their play time and put their toys into Jakey BB’s original, handcrafted and painted toy box! These decorative and intricately-detailed wooden toy boxes double up as stunning home decor as well. Jakey BB has several different toy box designs to fit your home and your dog’s personality!


Written by Emily Nguyen, a freelance writer and contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.