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What Could Be in the Next Generation of Fitbit Flex?

July 7, 2014
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The Fitbit Flex is a perfect tool to help you not only accurately keep track of your fitness routines and sleep patterns, but to also motivate you to get in shape, but is the Fitbit Flex missing something? Should the next generation of the fitness tracker have different features? Let’s explore what the next great value of fitness trackers might look like.

Viewing Your Data

To view all of your fitness data on your Fitbit Flex, you will have to connect it to your computer or sync to your smartphone and then log on to the Fitbit Flex’s online tracking system, Fitbit Connect. What’s great is that once you set up your Fitbit connect account, you can view your results pretty quickly on your computer screen or smartphone, but if you are not near either one, you will have to wait since the Fitbit Flex does not come equipped with a display, like a number of other models. Having a display on the wristband itself were wearers can see results instantaneously could give them an extra motivational boost.

More Power

The Fitbit Flex, which is water resistant, does come equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer batter that does last up to five days before needing a recharge, which is a decent amount of battery life compared to other fitness trackers on the market, but then again, there are fitness trackers that have even more battery power.  In fact, there is at least one model where wearers don’t have to replace their tracker’s batter for a year. Now, that’s something the next generation of the Fitbit Flex needs.

Take the Stairs

Those who enjoy climbing stairs, as part of their fitness routine should leave their Fitbit Flex behind since the tracker can’t recognize the elevations you climb on your StairMaster or inclined treadmill. Trackers that are able to count floors feature an altimeter that calculates altitude based on atmospheric pressure. This is a feature that would many Fitbit Flex lovers could benefit from in future releases.

Heart Rate

While there is a lot that the Fitbit Flex can do compared to the many trackers on the market, including those featured in a New York Times article, there are some things that the Fitbit Flex can’t do, including measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, which could be a benefit to Fitbit Flex users. However, the Fitbit app does allow you to lot into your Fitbit account and manually enter those measurements.