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Why is the Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera So Easy to Use for Beginners

June 25, 2014
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The Nikon D3200, which not only features 24-megapixels and is able to shoot 4 frames per second, is also extremely easy to use, especially for those looking to dabble in photography. Let’s take a look at just how easy to take great photos with this affordable DSLR.

Point and Shoot

The Nikon D3200 does come equipped with a number of fancy features, which allows you to take optimal shots using several modes, but to keep things simple, the camera features an auto mode, made for users who just want to point and shoot. The camera will even auto focus for you. All you need to do is hold down the shutter-release button halfway and the camera will focus for you. Then, press the shutter-release the rest of the way down to record your photo.

For those who want to experiment, using the camera’s various modes is also just as easy. With a quick twist of a dial on top of the camera, you can play around with the other modes, including ones to take portraits, shoot sports and action photos, to take photos of a landscape as you travel in your car and even a special mode to take photos of children as they do what kids do, moving fast.

Even shooting video is made simple. Simply press the button, labeled “Lv” and when you see what you want to shoot on your 3-inch LCD monitor, hit the red button near your shutter release and film away. To stop recording, hit the red button again.

Edit your photos from your camera

Perhaps the photo you snapped isn’t quite as you imagined, that’s okay since the Nikon D3200 can help you retouch very simply and easily without requiring you to upload the shot to a computer to fix it up. All you need to do is go into the editing mode and you can crop your photo, remove red eye, adjust lighting and color, and even straighten out a photo.

Editing mode also allows you to easily have some fun with your photos — you can turn them into black and white shots or create sepia and cyanotype images by selecting the monochrome picture control feature.

And you never have to worry about loosing you original photo if your edits happen to make your photo worse — the Nikon D3200 always saves a copy of your original photo.

Sharing is made simple 

Even sharing your shots is made easy with the Nikon D3200, which was named by CNN Travel as a great travel camera, since the camera comes equipped with a WU-la Wi-Fi adapter, which allows you to quickly transfer your high-quality and edited photos to social media sites, your mobile phone, tablet and computer.