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How To Use Your Ninja NJ600 Blender: Lifestyle Tips

May 7, 2014
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When you purchased your new Ninja NJ600 blender, which features 1100 watts of ice crushing capability, you had every intention of using it. Instead, however, there your blender sits on your kitchen counter empty – negating any good deal you got on the product. But, don’t fret; we have a few ideas to get the juices flowing in your blender that will surly make your life easier and healthier too.

No Cook Breakfast

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not use your Ninja NJ600 to get your day started right. All you need a just a few simple ingredients and you can blend up a tasty and healthy smoothie in seconds flat.  A simple recipe to start is a strawberry and almond smoothie can be found in the New York Times Fitness & Nutrition section. It calls for a cup of strawberries, a tablespoon of almond powder, a drop of almond extract, a ripe banana, a cup of buttermilk and a teaspoon of honey. Mix it all together in your Ninja NJ600 with a few ice cubs and you will have a delicious drink to start the day that has 275 calories and just 6 grams of fat. 

Entertain the Kids

A rainy day is a perfect time to break out your Ninja NJ600 and entertain your children by allowing them to be creative with food.  Pull a select number of ingredients out of the refrigerator, such as yogurt, berries and even veggies and let your kids experiment by adding them to your Ninja NJ600 to create a drink suitable to their pallets. Since the Ninja NJ600 comes equipped with a safety lid, there is no need to worry about the kids making a big mess either.

Prep for a Party

The Ninja NJ600 is a perfect kitchen appliance to use when preparing food for a party, large or small, and even days in advance. Once great way to use it is to make a basil pesto that you can pour over pasta or drizzle over meat.  All you need is toasted pine nuts, garlic, peeled, fresh basil leaves, freshly grated parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and virgin olive oil.  Place all the ingredients, except the olive oil into your Ninja NJ600 and blend on 2.  Then, with the blender running, drizzle the olive oil in the top pour tap of the blender’s lid.  Blend and then use your pesto right away or store it for up to four days.

Use it to Entertain

Impress your guests by treating them to a frozen, white sangria made with your Ninja NJ600.  To make the drink, you will need cup of crushed ice, fresh or frozen pineapple, frozen oranges, chilled dry white wine, brandy, a flavored liqueur, such as triple sec or Grand Marnier, and mint sprigs for garnish. Place all the ingredients, except the mint, into your Ninja NJ600 and blend until smooth on setting 3.  Then, poor into wine glasses and garnish with mint.


Blended smoothies image courtesy of Shutterstock.