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Product Comparison: Fitbit Flex vs Misfit Shine

July 7, 2014
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Fitness trackers can help you to reach your fitness goals one step at a time and that’s why you wan to purchase one that is just right for you.  Two trackers that have been touted by users include the Fitbit Flex, which was named a cool gadget by, and Misfit Shine. Let’s compare the two.

Fashion Statement

The biggest difference between the Fitbit Flex and Misfit Shine is looks. The Fitbit Flex is made to be worn around on your wrist and comes in a variety of colors, from black to slate to brighter colors like tangerine so you are free to change your band depending on your mood or outfit.  The Misfit Shine, which is a magnetic, aluminum disc about the size of a quarter, can be clipped on to pretty much anything, from clothing to a belt and you can purchase accessories to wear it as a bracelet or even as a necklace.  So, if you want to wear your fitness tracker on your wrist, go for the Fitbit Flex, but if you want to make a fashion statement with your tracker, buy the Misfit Shine.

Get it Wet or Not

If you are worried about dropping your tracker into water, you will want to buy the Misfit Shine over the Fitbit Flex. The Fitbit Flex is water resistant; able to be worn not only in the shower, but the Misfit Shine, however is waterproof, able to be worn while swimming.

Sync Ability

Since neither the Fitbit Flex nor the Misfit Shine feature a viewing screen, it is important to compare the trackers’ ability to sync with your smartphone and your computer. The Fitbit Flex comes equipped with a Bluetooth dongle to automatically transfer your stats to your computer, which can then be viewed on your tablet and smartphone. With the Misfit Shine, however, there is no web app and to transfer data, you must place your Shine directly on your iOS tablet or phone screen — the Shine does not work with Android devices. If you want more ease when transferring data, go for the Fitbit Flex.

Battery Power

Stopping to charge a battery can put a damper on your fitness routine, so it’s good to know how long your fitness tracker’s battery will last.  The Fitbit Flex, which comes equipped with a lithium battery, will last you, on average, five days. Compare that to the Misfit Shine, which has a battery life of 120 days that you will need to replace. If you want a tracker that will track longer without needed a recharge, you will want to buy the Misfit Shine. But, if you want a tracker with a rechargeable battery, go with the Fitbit Flex.


If you are looking for a good price on fitness tracker, you will want to buy a Fitbit Flex, which retails for about $100, but is available for as low as $89.95 at Brookstone. The Shine will also cost you about $100 without a coupon, but if you don’t have an IOS device, you won’t be able to use it.