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Product Comparison: Fitbit Flex vs. Withings Pulse

July 7, 2014
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When you decide to purchase a fitness tracker, you are going to want one that you know you will use and will work with your lifestyle. To help you make your decision, we compare the Fitbit Flex, which was featured in the New York Times’ Well Guide to Activity Trackers, and the Withings Pulse.

How You Wear It

Perhaps the biggest difference between the Fitbit Flex and Withings Pulse is how you wear them.  The Fitbit Flex, which is made out of a hypoallergenic rubber, is designed wear on your wrist at all times, even when sleeping. The Withings Pulse can also be worn at all times, but rather than strap it around your wrist, you will have to clip it on to a piece of clothing. If you want the simplicity of wearing your fitness tracker on your wrist at all times and not have to worry about it possibly falling off, you will want to buy the Fitbit Flex.


How you view your stats also sets the Fitbit Flex and the Withings Pulse apart. While both devices give you the ability to track your goals and fitness activity through an online portal using your mobile device, the Withings Pulse also features a LED Screen to view your stats right away. By comparison, the Fitbit Flex features LED Lights and a vibrator that lets you know when you reached a goal. It also has a wireless syncing dongle to use with your computer.  So, if you need to physically view your stats as you go for motivation, you may want to opt for the Withings Pulse.

Let There Be Color

When it comes to design, the Fitbit Flex offers much more flexibility when it comes to picking the color of your fitness tracker. The Fitbit Flex has interchangeable bands that are available in black, slate, navy, tangerine and teal to name a few.  The Withings Pulse, however, is only available in black. If you want the ability to change the color of your tracker to go with your mood or outfit, go for the Fitbit Flex.

Battery Power

Both the Fitbit Flex and the Withings Pulse will need to be recharged from time to time, but one tracker has a battery that will last you much longer before needing to be plugged in. That tracker is the Withings Pulse, which has a battery that will last 14 days as compared to the Fitbit Flex’ battery that needs a recharge, on average, every five days.  If you like the freedom to keep exercising without having to worry about recharging your tracker often, you will want to buy the Withings Pulse.

The Features

The Fitbit Flex and the Withings Pulse can both track your every move while exercising and sleeping, but the Withings Pulse has the ability to also track your heart rate and steps you take while marching up a flight of stairs while the Fitbit Flex, which can’t track heart rate or steps, does feature and alarm clock. If you want your fitness tracker to double as an alarm clock, buy the Fitbit flex, but if you’d like a tracker that can track your heart rate and the number of stairs you climb, purchase the Withings.


The Withings Pulse and the Fitbit Flex are similar in price with the Fitbit Flex retailing for $100, but can be found for as low as $89.99 with an online coupon. The Withings Pulse will run you about $84.