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Sync Your Fitbit Flex To Make Your Life Healthier With These Apps

May 14, 2014
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Aside from tracking your every step with your Fitbit Flex, which a New York Times columnist said is a cut above its rivals, the Fitbit Flex is compatible with a number of apps that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Below, we take a look at 5 of these apps you can use to maximize your Fitbit Flex value and make your purchase an even better deal.

Lose It

Created in 2008, the Lose It app aims to help users manage their weight through tracking and peer support. The app, which is available for both the IOS and android, assists users is setting up a food budget that is aligned with their daily activity level.  Essentially, users create a daily calorie count and use their Fitbit Flex to deduct the number of calories burned throughout the day. Users can then quickly find out if they are under or over their food budget goal of the day. To date, the Lose It app touts that users have lost more than 31 million pounds using the app.


If you plan on using your Fitbit Flex for jogging or running, you may want to check out MapMyrun, which hosts a data base of over 70 million global running routs using GPS. You can also upload your route to share with friends.  In addition, the app comes equipped with nutrition tracking, fitness calculators and event listings.


If you plan on using your Fitbit Flex while participating in sports, from cycling to skiing, kayaking to roller-skating, a great app to download is Endomondo, which helps you to not only track all your fitness data, but also monitor your performance over time.  You can also use the app to meet new friends and follow their activity.


If you don’t know where to start with your work out while wearing your Fitbit Flex, you should absolutely think about downloading the MoveMeFit app, which offers hundreds of workout videos from 30 different fitness instructors. The app also allows you to work out virtually with a friend and track your progress.


If you are looking to get rewards for how based on how many steps you take with your Fitbit Flex, you will want to download Earndit.  The app will challenge you to earn points, depending on your level of activity and then will gift you points that you can redeem for free rewards from healthy brands, including Vita Coco, Sport Beans, EBOOST, Hello Fresh and more.  Using the app, you can also participate in community-wide challenges to earn larger prizes.