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Different Types of Shots with the Nikon D3200 DSLR

June 25, 2014
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If you are just starting out with your Nikon D3200, which is made for beginners, you will want to take most of your shots with your camera set to automatic, but as you start to advance, you will find yourself starting exploring the versatility of the camera by using the different modes that the camera features. By using the various modes, you will be able to flawlessly capture any moment, whether you are taking a photo of your child’s first steps, the sun setting over a lake or cows grazing in a meadow that you are zooming past on your road trip. Knowing just which mode to use in an important step in your journey as a photographer and with your Nikon, which received positive reviews on Consumer, for among other thing, being a good deal for what the camera offers.

Child/Baby Mode

Everyone who has been around a child knows that they move fast and capturing them on film can be a challenge. However, by switching your Nikon D3200 to child/baby mode, you will be able to capture those special moments even if your kids won’t sit or stand still for enough time to grab a shot.

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is used for exactly what you think it should be used for — snapping a portrait of a person. You will want to switch to this mode to frame a photo that features a your subject’s natural-looking skin since portrait mode takes the focus off the background and instead puts the focus on your subject.

Landscape Mode

Landscape mode is perfect for taking breathtaking views that are off in the distance since the mode forces your camera’s focus into infinity, which means you can take very wide shots of mountains that even though in the distance, will come out looking sharp in your camera frame.  The mode is also great for shooting photos through glass or even a chain link fence.

Sports/Action Mode

If your headed to a basketball, soccer or any sports game, you will want to set your Nikon to sports/action mode to capture that amazing jump shot or goal.  The sports/action mode speeds up your shutter speed, allowing you to take bursts of fast-moving action. 

Night Portrait Mode

You will want to switch your camera to night portrait mode if you plan on taking photos of people with a dark background behind them. By switching to this mode, your camera will illuminate your subject, but at the same time give your subject a natural look in front of a dark backdrop.

Macro Mode

Macro mode is what you will want to use if you are looking to capture small objects up close. For example use it to shoot a bee pollinating a flower, an ant carrying food to its home or a spider spinning a web. With macro mode, you can get within an inch of the subject of your photo and your camera will focus in on it.