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When to Upgrade to a Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera

June 25, 2014
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To buy a new camera or not to buy a new camera? If this is a question you are pondering, you may want to read on and find out if you are ready to splurge on a new DSLR camera, like the Nikon D3200, which features 24.2 megapixels.

If you are starting to love photography

Perhaps you have been dabbling in photography, using your smartphone’s camera to take more than just selfies. Instead, you found yourself snapping photos of landscapes like the sun setting over the ocean on a cool summer night or you tried to capture an osprey perched in a nest. But, you may have quickly realized that while many smartphones pack some serious megapixels, they just don’t have the zoom, the proper shutter speed or image sensor needed to take a quality photo.

If this sounds like you, then you may be ready to start yourself off with a DSLR like the Nikon D3200, which has become known as an entry-level DSLR because it is so easy to use.

But, while you may say goodbye to snapping random shots with your smartphone, you should know that you don’t have to stop sharing your photos quickly on social medi —Any photo you take with your Nikon D3200 can be  quickly shared on the Internet since it comes equipped with Wi-Fi.

The Birth of a Child

A great time consider upgrading to a DSLR camera is the birth of a child, especially since you know you will use your new camera to perfectly capture all those precious moments to come, from your child eating his first bowl of spaghetti to his first day of school and even his first steps.

The Nikon D3200 is perfect for new parents since it not only features a baby/child mode that allows you snap photos of your child in action, but the camera also comes equipped with video capability so you can not only capture photos for your photo album or scrapbook, but also video to upload to a DVD to save forever.

You will also want to make sure that DSLR camera has wi-fi capability so you can share all those moment’s quickly with friends and family.

Your Old Camera Has Seen Better Days

Another reason to upgrade to a new DSLR camera, such as the Nikon D3200, which has been reviewed by the New York Times, is to replace an older camera.

If the camera you have been using is starting to show signs of wear and tear — perhaps your lens is scratched up, your LED screen is cracked or your battery dies before you can even snap ten photos, then it might be time to upgrade.

It may also be time, if your photography has matured and your old point and shoot is just not providing you with photographs that you can frame and hang in your living room. Remember that you can find a great deal on digital cameras these days – if you haven’t looked at digital camera prices since you got your last one, you might be surprised to see what you can get for your money now.