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What OkCupid Users in San Francisco Say About Love and Money

Feb. 9, 2017
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The Bay Area is known for both high rents and chill vibes, so it’s no surprise that daters in the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland metro area don’t always agree about the importance of wealth and other financial issues when it comes to relationships. And according to data from NerdWallet and online dating site OkCupid, these differences sometimes break along gender lines.

Many San Francisco area OkCupid users don’t mind a partner with a bigger paycheck than them. Men are a bit more accepting of this situation than their female counterparts: 54.8% of male OkCupid users in San Francisco who were asked said they’d be “very comfortable” if their significant other made more money than they did, while 49.1% of women answered the same way.

In fact, some San Francisco daters might prefer it. A little more than 40% of female OkCupid users in the area who were asked and 36.5% of men found money to be “somewhat important” in a match. By contrast, 42.9% of men said that wealth was “not important at all” to their relationships. Only 22.6% of San Francisco women said the same.

San Francisco men and women are also split on the importance of career ambition. A solid chunk of each gender who were surveyed — 30.8% of men and 36.5% of women — said that they wouldn’t be able to tolerate a partner who was content with his or her minimum-wage job and uninterested in higher-paying work. However, 33% of male OkCupid users in the Bay Area and 25.8% of women said that while it somewhat bothered them, it was ultimately none of their business. Women were less likely to accept the situation completely: Only 8.1% who were asked said that they didn’t mind either way, while 15.8% of men said the same.

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