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T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans

February 17, 2017
Cell Phones, Utilities
At NerdWallet, we adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity to help you make decisions with confidence. Some of the products we feature are from our partners. Here’s how we make money.
We adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity. Some of the products we feature are from our partners. Here’s how we make money.

T-Mobile offers just one plan — T-Mobile One — which includes unlimited data for $75 per month. Its network is fast and reliable in urban areas, but it lags behind other carriers in national and state-level network tests, according to a 2016 RootMetrics report.

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AT A Glance

  • Plans start at $75 for unlimited data.
  • Notable: Unlimited mobile hot spot usage at 3G speeds; excellent international roaming perks
Get started at T-Mobile's site
Get started at T-Mobile's site

T-Mobile cell phone plans

T-Mobile One gives you unlimited calls, texts and high-speed data. You can also turn your phone into a mobile hot spot, though data speeds are limited to 3G. T-Mobile One comes with international perks as well: unlimited texting and 2G data speeds in over 140 countries, with inexpensive calling rates.

Video streaming is limited to standard definition (480p). Data speeds slow if you use 32 gigabytes of data in a month, but few people ever do.

T-Mobile includes an autopay discount of $5 per month per line in its advertised price. If you don’t opt for autopay, you won’t get the discount. The prices listed below don’t include that discount:

  • Line 1: $75 per month
  • Line 2: $55 per month
  • Lines 3-8: $25 per month

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T-Mobile One Plus

If you upgrade to T-Mobile One Plus for $10 more per line, per month, you get some extra perks:

  • Unlimited HD video streaming
  • 10GB of mobile hot spot data at 4G LTE speeds
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi on flights with Gogo Wi-Fi
  • Faster international data speeds

T-Mobile One Plus International

T-Mobile’s One Plus International costs an extra $25 per month, per line and includes all of the features of T-Mobile One and One Plus, along with a few extra benefits, including:

  • Unlimited calling from the U.S. to landlines in more than 70 countries and mobile numbers in more than 30 countries
  • Unlimited 4G LTE speeds when using your smartphone as a mobile hot spot in the U.S.

T-Mobile prepaid plans

T-Mobile has two unlimited talk and text Simply Prepaid plans:

  • $45 for 4GB of data
  • $55 for 6GB of data

You can call T-Mobile to discuss multi-line discount pricing on these plans.

T-Mobile also has a pay-as-you-go prepaid plan.

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T-Mobile unlimited plan: How it compares on price

T-Mobile One’s price includes taxes and fees, but add-ons such as insurance or device payments are still assessed. The prices listed below don’t include discounts for automatic payments, which are available on some plans.

Monthly price comparison1 line2 lines3 lines4 lines
*Restricted LTE data download speeds.
U.S. Cellular$70$125$170$210

Call T-Mobile customer service at (855) 253-0992.

Get started at T-Mobile's website


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