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Learn your way around the NerdWallet Community and find answers to common questions.

Money and Relationships

Money discussions can be tough for everybody: couples, families, roommates, friends. Here’s where we share questions and strategies for talking about money together

Life Events

What do life’s biggest milestones have in common? They all cost money

Paying Off Debt

Join in to get guidance and support as you pay off debt while also tackling other financial priorities.

Credit Building

Building or rebuilding credit? This is your home base for support and advice.

Travel & Rewards Credit Cards

Discover new ways to maximize your credit cards to earn more rewards or save money on travel.


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Ask an Advisor

We sunsetted our Ask an Advisor product awhile back. However, the searchable content has been made available here.

User Reviews

Share your personal experience with credit cards, bank accounts, and credit unions!