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My husband suffered a stroke in April of 2014. He was flown by helicopter from our home to a hospital about 60 miles away. Helicopter service was not in our insurance network and the total bill was $40,000. (7)
The medical bills are more then I can handle, how do I get them reduced down? (5)
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I had pre-approved surgery and was subsequently denied a claim from my insurance for being out-of-network. I've appealed twice and been rejected. What do I do now? (6)
My son was ordered a TTE w/o doppler complete for code 93307. The hospital billed me for code 93306. The total charge was $3153 and the adjustment was $977. I've tried numerous times to get the hospital to rebill but they will not. (5)
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I'm visiting the country. Where can I get affordable healthcare? I would like to know the state where I can get the cheapest public maternity services. (3)
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